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Geicorules here I am an anime fan. Yes the one you use to keep your self cool. Unlike the anime fan most people think of. A nerd no real life. Glasses acne, etc. I wouldn't say I fit that description. I am pretty normal. Yes I said normal. Anime just has better grounds then any american cartoon I can think of. So being a fan of animation and a good story I feel in love with anime. It was long ago or so I remember. I want to say the first anime I saw was dragonball but thats not entirely true. At a young age I saw an anime called Salor Moon. Yeah you have probably heard of it. It aired on Toonami a long time ago. Well I hated it. Still not entirely true. As a little kid I had a crush on a chracter idk who since it was so long ago but it was a gross icky little girls show. So in all truth the first anime I saw I didn't like well sorta like I said. But the first anime I fell in love with Had to be dragonball. Maybe thats why I joke around so much and have a pretty perverted mind. But from dragonball it just stuck with me. Toonami was what I looked forward to. Dragonball, Dragon Ball z, Yu YU Hakusho,Rurouni Kenshin, Rave master etc. It just grew from there. In all truth I could never really get through any of these series in the starting. Toonami Just happened to be when the local news was on. So I didn't get all I wanted but it made me want more. Even though that be the one anime I watched the most when I was little had to be pokemon. Anyways moving on. Soon after adult swim started to have anime. Didn't care for much of it but I do remember Witch hunter Robin. Okay lets fast forward. Now I am older like anime understand it and own most the series I saw when I was little along with some others I like so thats my story. Anime was really grown on me and any true bad ass owns at least 1 anime otherwise your a good for nothing looser.


I have some reviews under my belt on this site. I would say most of the old ones suck. I have just recently started reviewing animes for real. So check out any of my March 2011 reviews and later I hope to update some of the olders ones soon.

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RingoStarr1991 Oct 17, 2011

Noticed your avatar from Amagami SS. You seem to like a lot of anime that I am interested in which is awesome :P