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I watch anime because I like the Japanese language, there's a lot of anime readily available online, and there's some genuinely awesome stuff out there.  

Sadly, my taste in anime is pretty limited.  I'm a bit of an intellectual snob, so if the anime doesn't have a point beyond sweet-looking fight scenes (ahem, Bleach, One Piece, Gundam) it's not for me.  I don't do fan service either.  I think Tim Maughan of explained it best: "Watching barely teenage schoolgirls wearing skimpy clothes being soaked in the rain does nothing for me. In fact, it makes me feel pretty damn uncomfortable and party to exploitation."  Those two rule out a whole lot of shounen, and my aversion to unrealistic romance wipes out a lot of shoujo too.  Although I will freely admit that sometimes love-triangle dramas are hilarious.  Just not in the way they were intended to be.   

However, there's some really intelligent, cool stuff out there, like Planetes, Cowboy Bebop, Xam'd: Lost Memories and etc.  And that stuff I really love.  I'm looking to find more like them.  

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kyuuketsukii Feb 9, 2011

Uhm, you think Gundam doesnt have a point besides sweet looking fight scenes? Did you REALLY finish 00? Gundam is pretty political it also goes deep in to Human emotion and war...

You also think Xam'd is an intelligent Anime? : / wierd that you would think Gundam is just fight scenes.

I like your top 10 anyways!

FedExMachina Jan 5, 2011

your reviews really are top notch, and really useful for me, because we seem to have similar taste. I just seem to be able to enjoy less groundbreaking, purposeful or poignant material than you allow yourself to, and I don't mean that in a bad way. Bluntly put, you've got a good discerning eye for great anime. So a tip of the ole' hat to ya.

Other than that, since i feel i can trust your tastes, if you want to give me a heads up if you find something RLY good that you don't alrdy have listed, i would be quite thankful. Thanks and bye!


boreslayer Mar 28, 2010

I see.  Now I'm following Gunslinger after some recommendations from my friend.  I more towards the serious, dark, comedy, slice of life genre. 

I daresay I hate characters that are clumsy or overly cute/weak (not due to illness) too e.g. Asahina Mikuru (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya), Misa Amane (Death Note), Kotonaha Katsura (School Days)

boreslayer Mar 26, 2010

for the comment and I can't help but agree with you quote on your profile...

Lagore Dec 12, 2009

Once more, I must stress that I am not going to lie about whether or not I liked a show.  Many reviewers try to be impartial, as though they are some kind of omnipotent super-reviewer who automatically knows what is good and what is bad.  I, for one, feel that I should comment on a shows strengths and be honest about whether I actually enjoyed this show.  And I enjoyed it on a level of 3/10.  That score in no way sigifies how must skill and craftsmanship went into the show.  I tried to cover that in my other sections.  But I reserve the final category for my personal opinion.

Thank you for the comment!  Let's be friends :D