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This is Gazette here(^^). I'm one of the usual but oh so un-usual anime & manga lovers. as you probley saw my first five favorite animes. but as anyone who watches anime may know that that is one of the hard thing to do. so let me just say that although those are on my top 5 those aren't my only ones I could consider my top 5. some of my other favorites is: The "Rurouni Kenshin" series, "Bleach", "Full Metal Panic!", "Fullmetal Alchemist", "Farewell Mr. Dispair"," R.O.D.", The "Ghost in the shell" series, along with so much more(^^)

I am vary picky about the animes I watch. what I look for in a anime is music,style,and genre, but most of all I can't watch anything without a really good story. usually the first time I get bored with a anime I drop it.

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trivium says...

haha your Avatr Picture is nice and your Anime list too!

Feb 26, 2009