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Hello ladies and gents. My name is Dylan, and I have been into anime and manga for not even a year yet, but I've been into it almost obsessivly. My main attraction to it is its complexity. It can at times be just as intellectually stimulating as reading a novel, which I never thought possible in ANY form of cinema, let alone as T.V shows. I hate most T.V due to the fact that most of it is just Comercialist garbage, but I really love anime becuase it is not neccassarily conforming to a standard of "decency" all the time. It, like movies, is not afraid to push the limit to get a message across. I also admire how the charecters are not always 2 dimensional like most Hollywood films, and how its not afraid to be tragic and even morbid (again, something hard to find in Hollywood these days).

As far as me as a person, I'm a guitar player seeking a band. I'm mainly a punk/metal/alternative guy, but i also like Eastern, jazz, and classical as well. My favorite bands are Rage Against the Machine, Tool, In Flames, Boy Sets Fire, Dragonforce, Buckethead, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Hopesfall, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Funeral for a Friend, Jane's Addiction, and Slayer. As far as personal beliefs go, I'm an agnostic, a socialist with a bit of an anarchist bent, and an outcast at school who hates the materialism and conformity assosciated with most teenagers. I'm also a bit of a dark person (I like things dealing with the occult, magic, dystopian societies, and/or tragedy...which is what alot of anime has to offer). I may seem like I'm a very serious person from my interests, but I'm also kind of like Vash the Stampede, where I kind also be very fun-loving and humerous as well. What can I say? I'm my own person.

Anyways, on to the recomendations...

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OneiChan Oct 1, 2007

I'd have to agree with Sothis about Mermaid Forest... it's in my top 5 and I loved the show. Pretty dark. Puppet Princess was a mess, but a beautiful one. I loved that show as well, but it was so short :( I like your taste in music, sounds very similar to my own.

Have you seen the new signatures yet? They are pretty uber, and they are the newest thing at anime-planet. You should check them out sometime... If you make one you will get a code so you can take it to other forums and whatnot as well, to show off your currently watching, top 5, or you anime stats.

sothis Sep 10, 2007

After seeing your name come up again as a random user I stopped back in, and after reading closer your bio, here are some good suggestions for you if you are into dark shit ;)

Puppet Princess, Mermaid's Forest (all), Requiem from the Darkness, Armitage (one of the best cyberpunk anime ever), Pet Shop of Horrors, GANTZ, Bokurano, Witch Hunter Robin (if only for the visual aspects), Highlander (going to add this one to the DB tonight), and I'm sure I could come up with more :p

sothis Jul 27, 2007

Hello gatorboy ^_^

 Just wanted to say I ran across your first recommendations while moderating, and I think they are great. I hope you do some more someday! And welcome to A-P!