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I was born Timothy Raymond Boyd in the sleepy mountains of Blue Ridge Georgia. I graduated in 2000 at Fannin High, and attended a semester at the Art Institute in Atlanta for Graphic Design before being forced to relocate to Illinois for several years then move back to Georgia in 2005. In 2006 I moved to North Carolina and in 2009 I changed my name to Timothy Bramlett Boyd. I currently work twelve hour shifts at a cotton mill, sleep 4 hours a day, and Game the rest! If im not online playing for achievements im on pimpin out my page.

I started playing games and watching Anime when I was six. I mostly play FPS (first person shooters) but give me a game with a good storyline to it and im hooked for days.  My theory is if a new release isn’t epic it isn’t worth the sixty bucks. I support local businesses so if I buy a game ill buy it used, and you wont catch me in a gamestop unless they have some strange trinket that cannot be found elsewhere.

I am obsessed with zombies, Xbox 360 achievements, Gasmasks, and Chinese Food. I listen to mostly music from the 90’s, but I prefer Death Metal to get pumped up and a certain selection of Country to calm down. I listen to pretty much everything listed to the lower left. I love watching movies as you’ll find me on netflix some point or another watching Anime, anything with Zombies, pretty much what ever I have listed to the lower left also. Be sure to check around my page, I hope you enjoy what you see,
SIN,                                                                                                                              Gunslinger

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