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He is My Master

Jan 2, 2010


The story of He is my Master is largely repetitive and boring. The same thing happens in practically every episode with little variations in between them. The only thing that seemed to drive the story was making the main character of Izumi suffer, weither it be through sexual harasment or having an increase in her debts. The premise is horrible to begin with, and just sets up a predictable anime. An Otuku middle-schooler who has wealth coming out of his ass, hires some cute, underaged girls to be his maids, and he forces them to wear compromising outifits. You can see where this is going from a mile away. The individual episode were repetitive and had cycles of sexually harasing Izumi, exploits of Pochi the alligator and Yoshitaka, and then some random contest set up by Izumi's sister Mitsuki. The same thing happens practically every episode, and the only character that makes anything interesting is Mitsuki, which without her, He is my Master would be twelve episode of watching everyone sexually harasing Izumi. If your the type who just loves animes with no plot and nonstop sexual harasment of underaged girls, then you have just found the perfect anime, and if your the other 99% of the human population, then avoid He is my Master like the plague.


The art in He is my Master seemed to me to be uninspired and bland, in a bad way. There were several times when the poor quality of the animation made me wonder how on earth were they allowed to get away with it. The art felt too artificial, and its only purpose was to try to see if it could make you drool over Izumi's body, which it rarely did. However the art didn't reak to high heaven, and wasn't horrible enough to make me rate it lower.


Oh my God did these characters suck. All of their actions were formulamatic, and there is only one side to every character, and it seemed like they were only one dimensional characters. They were not unique at all and all but one of the main characters were obsessed with tormenting poor Izumi. Yoshitaka is just a rich, otaku, snob, with severe perverted tendencies, and lives to sexually harass girls. He does nothing else. Izumi was repetive for always complaining. Seriously thats all she ever does besides beating up Yoshitaka for sexually harassing her. That is her character. Mitsuki was the only character who made the plot move, but she always did it the same way. She has to settle everything with a contest. Even the final climax turns out to be a contest put on by her. She is also annoying and doesn't realize that Yoshitaka's perversions are a bad thing. Anna used to like Yoshitaka, but now shes a lesbian who only wants to get with Izumi, and go off to Holland to get married to her. All she ever does throughout the show is sexually harass Izumi. Pochi is pretty much the same as Anna, only he's straight, and is an alligator. Overall there was little character development, the main instence being when Anna turns lesbian after realizing that Izumi was much better than Yoshitaka would ever be. There are other small instances, but they are sparce, and not all that important. The minor characters all acted in a predictable manner also. Simply put, these characters suck.


He is my Master is a shitty anime. There is no need for me to deliberate on this fact any longer. Go and watch something else.

3.5/10 story
4/10 animation
?/10 sound
1/10 characters
2.5/10 overall

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