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Ghost Stories

Sep 7, 2012


I'd like to start by saying that I watched the ADV gag dub of this show, and my review is based on that version. I found that the series started out very funny, but as the show drug on, I found it less and less funny as the same jokes were made again and again. The lack of variety of the jokes really hurts the show in the later episodes. I laughed a lot in the first episode, but hardly laughed during the last episode. The gag dub format of the show works well in the begining, but the writers kept making the same jokes. If I was able to laugh as much as I did in the first episode throughout the show, it would be an easy 10 in my book.


As the show itself points out, the animation really isn't that great, but it does have some moments where it shines, again also in the gag dub. The character designs were quite good, and the monsters and ghosts all had sort of a creepy feeling to them, which is a plus in this show. Nothing really scary, but a bit unnerving. One thing that really bugs me is the number of static shots of the main characters, which is a lot worse than in most anime, where stills are limited to shots of large crowds of people.


Like the jokes, the characters were much better in the begining than in the end, and this is because a lot of the jokes and characterizations are based on one or two characteristic of each character( i.e. Leo = Jew/ Pervert, Hajime = Pervert, Keiichirou = Special needs kid, Momoka = Evangelical Christian, and Satsuki = bitchy girl). The show would have been helped if there were more charactistics to poke fun at.


I can't hate this show, but I can't really love it either. It made me laugh at first, but it kind of drug towards the end. I would suggest that one should watch a couple of episodes for a few good laughs, but it does get old after a while.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
?/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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