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Dec 16, 2009


Karin has a story line that I have never seen simular too in any other anime. It provides a new twist on the old vampire legends and I found it to be very entertaining to see a new prospective on such things. There have been animes about forbidden love before, but none have been quite like Karin. Karin has a very unique plot that grips onto you and pulls you into the world that the characters inhabit. I applaud Karin's unique plot, and its ability to tell it in a proper and entertaining fashion.


The animation in Karin did look remerkable. One of the things that really made me like the animation was that they used different "bumpers" in the middle of the episode for every episode, which shows that they took more time and invested it into the animation. The characters appearences were really unique, especially in Kenta's case with his small beady pupils. One thing I didn't like though was the vast usage of nudity in the opening when there is very little in the series itself. However the animation was superb.


I found the characters to be unique and interesting. Karin and Kenta had very interesting personalities and they were not overly stereotypical. Karin's family also was very pleasing to watch as they all had different and unique characters. Winner's character provided some excelent comedic relief and gave Karin's friend and sidekick, Maki a intersting love interest. Maki herself proved to be a great friend to Karin and gave her the support that she needed to keep going. All in all the characters of Karin are brilliant and definatly an interesting and entertaining group.


It's been a while since I have seen an anime of this caliber. The story is absolutely amazing and it doesn't fail to entertain. The characters left a good enough impression on me, so that I could name them off the top of my head instead of looking them up later. This is an awesome anime and I think that if you are considering watching this peice of art, then I say, go and watch Karin. You will not regret it.

10/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Sunagan Dec 17, 2009

I loved Karin too. It had such a sweet story, and although it wasn't overly original, the premise certainly was :)! The characters were memorable, the romance was engaging. I'd probably give it a 7,5 or an 8, but I still loved it!