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Ichigo 100%

Dec 10, 2009


The story for Ichigo 100% seemed to be a bit slower paced, but it was still good. Speed does not mean good, and I find that people who hate an anime because the plot is slow are being rather impatient and only want things to happen, instead of digging deeper. This was a series however that the story had to be based on the characters, which I felt that it did a pretty good job with for the most part, and it made the story interesting to watch. I liked how the story wasnt driven by Ecchi moments and were driven by the Characters instead. There are large gaps of time inbetween episodes, which can be confusing if you don't understand the time gaps. There were points where the plot seemed too formulamatic, and it did also seem like a cheesy love story. The early episodes seemed to be from a different anime from the later episodes. Overall I found the plot to be interesting, but it did seem at times that it was a bit too formulamatic.


The animation in  Ichigo 100% is ok, not the most stunning work in animation i've ever seen, but it was able to function without sending you out of the world of the story. There are some instances in which I thought the animation job could have been done better, but I'm not going to piss and moan about that too much.


For the most part I found the characters interesting, but felt a little too formulamatic. Toujo seemed to be a stereotypical girl next door, but she did have moments where she broke that mold. Satsuki was a loudmouth and annoying at times, yet she provided a decent love interest to compete with Toujo, and in the end she was a halfway decent character. Yui fit the mold of a childhood friend, and her presence didn't seem to add much to the story. I think she was unneccesarry to the story. Nishino was probablly the most intersting character in the whole series, yet her role seemed downplayed, which i find to be a shame. Junpei is your everyday lovable loser character, who really isnt that much of a loser. He seemed to be a little depressed at most times, which got a little bit annoying.


Ichigo 100% is an OK anime. There are certainly better animes out there, but this one doesn't suck beyond all reason. Its rather mediocre, but could be worth a chance to view.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
?/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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krakbarr Jan 5, 2010

If you ever wish to find closure to the love rectangle then I highly recommend reading the manga. It was really sad to finally part with the characters. The anime had some spark in it which is why I picked up the manga and I'm happy I did, as the manga was ten times better.