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I found the story of Baka and Test to be both hilarious and entertaining at the same time. There were several moments that I was laughing quite hard about. The concept of the show was also interesting. The students take placement exams and based on those they are sent to different classrooms based on ability. The best classes get the best stuff, while the worst classes get the worse stuff. If students don't like their stuff, they can challenge another class to a "Summoner Test War" to get their stuff. I feel that this premise was presented well. Mixed in with this sort of sci-fi theme there is also a "slice of life" and "harem" aspect to the series as well, which I found complimented the premise quite well surprisingly. I also thought that the ending was very touching. However there were some parts that lead to that ending in which I thought were kind of cheap, and I felt that the introduction of some characters were unneccesary, but overall it was great.


The animation was pretty good throughout the series, and I like its style. The portrayal of the background characters is reminisant of Pani Poni Dash and School Rumble. The style is a bit cutesy, but it works well with this series.


Like many other series that are like Baka and Test, the characters are the most important part of this series. Aki is our protangonist, and he is a complete idiot with a heart of gold. Overall he makes a good protangonist, and I found him to be funny and interesting. Minami is one of the few good examples of a tsundere character. She has a good balance between her affection for Aki and her hatred for him. Plus when she beats on Aki it is funny, which is completely unlike most tsundere characters who just beat on the main protangonist because they are selfish stupid bitches. Himeji is another love interest for Aki, and she could be described as a bit moe, but that is not really a fitting description. She is likely the perfect girl type character. Hideyoshi is a  male character that looks like a girl and just about everyone confuses him for one too, and the other male characters are attracted to him a bit, but its hard to tell if its just a joke or not. Sakamoto is the class representative for Aki's class, and he makes a great leader, and is quite funny, especially in his overbearing love/hate relationship with Shoko. The last main character is Kouta, and he is the standard pervert, but his actions are still hilarious. Outside of the main cast, Baka and Test had a mostly great supporting cast, with my only gripe being Aki's sister who is introduced late in the show and only really serves to show lessons to Aki that he could have easily gotten from an already introduced cast member.


Baka and Test is a very entertaining show and I found it to be quite funny. I would recommend it to people who like their anime to be a tad quirky, but still able to tell an articulate story.

9/10 story
7/10 animation
?/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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RingoStarr1991 May 6, 2012

Ehhh...while I had a blast watching the show for it's character interactions the whole premise of the card games was way too far'feteched.

roriconfan Mar 29, 2012

There wasn't really a story in the show to be good. It was an episodic plot with monster battles which weren't even needed. They could just show their scores XD.