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Green Green

Apr 20, 2010


Green Green is an anime that was designed specifically to get a young male audience, and no one else. The only thing that drives the story elements is the possibility of ecchi moments, and what plot that they try to put in there is largely forgotten in the first half of the series, and it doesn't make it into the series until the last couple of episodes, which are the only good episodes in the entire series (excluding the ever elusive episode 13). I also knew that the story was weak when there where 12 "real" episodes, and one of them is a crummy clip show. The only redeming quality to the story here was that it did get ok in episodes 9-12, but episodes 1-8 are just terrible and should be avoided. There where some moments in the anime in which I wanted to stab my eyes out. The main scene that made me want to do that is when all of the guys dress up as girls. Now I need to give a fair bit of warning about episode 13. If you watch the dubbed version, there is no episode 13. In the original Japanese version there was a 13th episode but it was not aired. Wikipedia states that "This episode was not aired due to it being 'to erotic for television' It could be called an "Almost Hentai" which is not suitable for ages 15 and under." I would highly recommend not watching episode 13. It adds nothing to the story as a whole, and its just a way to show what the creators really wanted to do. If you do want to see it, then you have to see it subbed.


There was nothing really good about the animation in Green Green, but there was nothing really to hate about it either. It is rather neutral animation with nothing good nor bad in it.


I hated almost every character in this Anime. There was only one good character in the entire series, which is the main character Yuusuke. Other than that all of the male characters are massive perverts that treat women as things and if they where real people, they would have been locked up long ago as sex offenders. The girls where better, but not by much. I found most of them to not give anyone any chance of being good people, which is especially unfair to Yuusuke, because he is the only one who would deserve something like that. I found Midori to be very annoying and just plain weird. The characters are absolutely terrible.


I really cannot like this anime. I wanted to give it a chance, but it just blew it for me. It is just a waste of my time, and I would recommend that you do not make the same mistake as I did.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
?/10 sound
1/10 characters
2.5/10 overall

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SeiyaMeteorite Jan 18, 2016

You pretty much hit the head on the nail about my thoughts glimpsing at it, that part with the guys crossdressing made me think "WTF???" too and I only liked Yuusuke. The only part I found funny was him getting a nosebleed in episode 3, which had some stupid bestiality....add to the fact about how the Baka Trio (definitely suits them best) behaved, I don't think these writers were right in the head...Cutey Honey did a better job with its fanservice and male characters and such. I've also heard the OVA was terrible.

Fragacide Sep 13, 2010

At least you gave it a chance, and managed to say some things about it while putting personal feelings aside. I actually enjoyed every bit of it...Yes, I'm an adult... and no, I didn't watch it due to the echiiness... which there wasn't a whole lot to actually ruin the anime, but enough to make it as echii as any other of it's type. I liked the storyline, the characters, and even the scene where the guys dressed as girls... because that was by far the funniest but still "WTF?!" scene I've seen in an anime. You are right about the animation. Nothing really special about it, but nothing to complain about either. Episode 13 had nothing more then a love scene that was uncensored. It's difficult to say that this kind of thing was what they were striving for all along, otherwise they could of just made it a hentai. If you don't like seeing animated boobs, then don't bother. If you do like to, or just don't care, episode 13 is just as good as the rest. But thanks for giving an honest and respectable review, unlike the other idiot who put it at a 1 for no good reasons at all.