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Cat Soup

Apr 18, 2010


Since Cat Soup is such a non-sequitor and expiramental anime, it is hard to review in conventional terms. There really is no story to rate, but Cat Soup is so interesting and entertaining, that holding the lack of story against it is a crime unto itself. Cat Soup is probably the strangest thing that I have ever seen, even more so than Fooly Cooly, which is extremely tame in comparison to Cat Soup. Fooly Cooly is a housecat, and Cat Soup is a female tiger in heat with an extremely bad case of rabies. Cat Soup will literally blow your mind into a thousand little pieces, and then blow those little pieces into a thousand more littler pieces. Due to its Non-sequitor nature, there are part in which nothing seems to make any sense what so ever, which is why I found it so interesting. Cat Soup is the reason why there is such a thing as an OVA format, which allows Cat Soup to be so original. However, I would not recommend watching it more than once, unless you are really into surreal art, which then I would say, watch it until your eyeballs fall out, but for guys like me, It was good once, but after that I am good.


How can I rate the art of an anime, when the anime itself is a piece of art itself. Cat Soup takes the commonly accepted boundry of society, and completly shatters it. Now I have no idea what kind of symbolism or any other type of art terms are in play here, but I imagine some art students at a small west-coast college could debate this for hours on end about the sorts of symbolism is involved and say things like " This shows the deep struggle of mankind" or something like that. I wouldn't know.


There are two main characters in Cat Soup, we do not know their names, but they appear to be a brother and sister. There are several other characters involved, like a pig that they eat a part of and he still lives. We do not learn much about these characters, but they are fun to watch as they are thrown into this world that makes about as much sense as a bowl of petunias thinking "Oh no not again" (HHG2TU references!) They are extremely entertaining to watch.


I highly recommend that everyone see this at least once, but I would only recommend watching multiple times if you are an extreme love of surreal art.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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