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Apr 11, 2010


The story of Suzuka was driven mostly on the idiocy of the characters. There were some unique moments that I found enjoyable, but they were far outnumbered by the stupid parts based mostly on the stupidity of the characters. The most the love stories get is an awkawd love triangle between seemingly mismatched characters, and it has a missing length to it belonging to Suzuka's dead Sempai. The story would have probably been half way decent if it wasn't driven by the sheer idiocy of all the characters. There were few touching moments, or funny moments, or any moments that gave me a major emotional response. The story was not enjoyable all around.


The animation of the characters made them seem like they where puppets and not characters living in an environment. Their eyes looked dead and it felt like the characters could not express emotions well. The environments that the characters were in were pretty generic, and there was nothing that popped out and make anyone saw "wow". The environments felt more like backgrounds, which is not good for any media, let alone an anime.


Suzuka has achieved a special place for me as it is the only anime in which I want to kill every major character. They are all idiots, and this idiocy drives the story into a tree. Suzuka is bipolar and is yelling at Yamato one minute and then is being nice to him in the next. She is a bitch and deserves to spend the rest of her life alone with 47 cats and become a crazy cat lady. Yamato is an idiot in general, and he keeps chasing after Suzuka even though Honoka is a much better person and a lot more lovable that Suzuka. Plus he always has a tendency to run his big mouth, which causes most of the stupid moments in the story. Honoka needs to realize that Yamato is a complete idiot and not worth her time, and she needs to find some other guy. The rest of the cast does not fair too much better, even the cat makes me angry. I have never hated a cast as much as I hate the cast of Suzuka.


So you think you want to watch Suzuka? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? This is just a horrible excuse for an anime. It wouldn't have been so bad if the character weren't all idiots of the highest caliber. Don't even waste your time with this one, there are better things to do with it, like stabbing your brain with a q-tip. It would be much more enjoyable.

3.5/10 story
2/10 animation
?/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
2/10 overall

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Rbastid Jun 29, 2012

I agree so much with the character review, but that actually made me like the show more since it was different, just not sure that was intentional.

I thought it was a great Anime that is actual close to reality, a guy falls for a girl and blindly does anything to be with her despite the fact she is a crazy and somewhat horrible human.  He ruins his relationship with one girl because of his crush and misses the shot with another.  Its the high school thing of wanting something, getting close to it and then throwing it all away thinking you can do better, but you can't cause you're a moron.

Madoka Aug 28, 2011

haha i couldnt agree with this review more, as i sat through this anime i actually did comment at the time of how i wish for each character to die and my fun was deciding how i wish the characters death would go

highfyrebright Feb 21, 2011

I believed that the characters were very realistically stupid for high school students in love, especially Suzuka- her character was a deconstruction of the tsundere- bitchy one moment, sweet the next. As for the animation, this show did come out in 2005 and was generally on par with most of the anime Studio Comet produced around the time.


I found this review to be uninformed, the worst kind of opinion.

planosuperman86 Sep 12, 2010

Suzuka is naturally a bitch throughout the series.  Not a good ending by any means.  Yamato is dumbass the whole time, Honoka soft and sweet and I'd a taken her any day over Suzuka.

pokopori Aug 1, 2010

I can't agree with you more galacticdude7 -_-  I think the dominating emotion I felt throughout the entire series was FRUSTRATION.