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Sky Crawlers

Mar 20, 2010

-Story- The Story in The Sky Crawlers is a complex one, and it can be hard to follow at times, but thats what makes it a good story. It explores some of the deepest parts of the human experience, and it makes you think. The concept itself is preey good too, and the idea of corperate warfare seems like it could actually happen one day. The Kildren provide a decent perspective of the human experience, so that we can explore it from a whole new light. However, If you are into lots of action, then this is not the movie for you. This movie will bore people who demand constant action. The Sky Crawlers has a lot of quiet moments in it, and it really requires the audience to focus on the little details that are revealed as the story progresses. This movie is detail oriented and may require several viewing to see and understand all of the little details that show up through out the film. All in all, the story is amazing, and makes this movie well worth seeing.

-Animation- For the most part, the art in the movie was excellent. It made the places seem real, and they put a lot of details into the environment of the Character. The world in which the characters live in, vibrant and alive. It possesses charm and detail. The one major fault with the art is that the CGI used doesn't fit well with the traditional animation of the rest of the movie, and when we go from the CGI dogfights, to the traditional animation scenes, it almost feels like they are from two separate films.

-Characters- Thes characters are really amazing. They are believable and are very interesting to watch. They are complex and it seems like that they are real people, and not just some 2 dimensional drawing on a screen. They are really excellent. Each character stands out on their own, and makes a wonderful impression on the audience.

-Overall- The story is great, the animation is good, and the characters are excellent. This is definatley worth watching.

9/10 story
7.5/10 animation
?/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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avatarinesdesu Jun 18, 2015

Right now I'm a bit frustrated because I've been longing to watch this movie for about 2 years and now that I have I am so frustrated that it will take me some time to revisit it... because I feel it gives in, at the end, it's like he lets go, I can't express how frustrated I am because of it. I'm not addicted to happy endings but this was a downer for me...