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The story in When they Cry can be complex at times and a bit confusing. The show is broken down into several different story lines that are all interconnected in some way, but it doesn't really seem that way. Despite the complexities and confusion, the story is still very great. The plot is strong and powerful, and each moment makes you want to hang on to the edge of your seat. The storyline is compelling and it makes you look forward to what comes next in the series. This series will creep you out at moments, and can be scary. I usually don't like stories like this, but When They Cry is a notable exception to this.


The animation for When they Cry was good. The imagery added to the effect that the story had placed on this series. The animation at times seemed a little wierd, and felt like it didn't flow together all that well, but these moments are few and far between, and never get in the way of the story.


Simply put, I loved the characters in When They Cry. They were all well developed, and believable characters. They seemed as if they were people instead of the animations that they are, which is always a plus. The characters were excellent, and really contributed to make this series so good.


When They Cry is a great series that deserves to be seen. It definately has rewatch value, to help one pick up all the things they missed the first time around they say it. The story is compelling and they characters were well developed. This is a great anime to spend time watching.

8.5/10 story
7/10 animation
?/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Sunagan Feb 17, 2010

Great Show :D I'm planning to catch up to the second season soon!