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Megumi Discussion


I have recently seen the anime documentary "Megumi" which is about Japanese Citizens being abducted by North Korea. Instead of doing my usual critical review, I have decided to simply comment on it in a blog instead.

The story of Megumi is about a Japanese family. It starts out with a father going to the hospital to witness the birth of his daughter. The mother and the father name her Megumi and all they ever wanted was to live a happy life with their daughter and their sons that they had after Megumi. One day however, Megumi turns up missing and her parents never see her again. They find out later that the North Koreans had kidnapped her and 17 other Japanese citizens, and they start a movement to bring her and all the other captives home.

I have never seen an anime that was also a documentary. I feel that it shows what can happen when two nations let political issues between them interfere with normal everyday citizens. Megumi's family wanted to have a happy normal life, but that was taken away from them by North Korea. These people had done nothing wrong, but they had to suffer the loss of their daughter.

History can show us why the North Koreans and the Japanese were not on the best of terms. During the Korean war, U.N. forces used Japan as a launching site for the Korean war to help support the capitalistic South Korea. As a result to this, Japan had a major kick into it's economy, which helped to bring it out of the rubble that was left over from WWII. Japan helped the U.N forces prevent the North Koreans from reuniting Korea under one communist banner. Many people make the mistake that the Cold War was between the U.S. and the Soviet Union and that was it, but in actuallity it was between the Communist nations of the world and the capitalist nations. If Megumi Teaches us anything, it is that nations need to get past their political differences for the good of civilians.

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