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My Problems with Ecchi animes


For me, I keep watching ecchi anime, but it rarely ever satisfies me. To me, the stories always seem to be a last minute thought to the anime itself. It always seems that they put too much into making the anime have as much ecchi moments in it that it forgets to make reference to a good story. I feel that ecchi anime can have potential to have good stories in them, but they always get over shadowed by the fanservice. Now I don't mind fanservice, I just think that it should not interfere with the story line.

Another thing that bothers me is that the characters are usually quite horrible. In Green Green as well as many other animes, the male characters are all complete idiotic perverts who's only desire on earth is to catch a glimpse of a girls panties. I have also noticed that many of the female character's are complete and total WHORES! Seriously they are almost always putting out for the male characters. The male leads are usually so stupid that they cannot realize that the girls like them. Everyone is either an idiot or a whore.

If someone can show me a good ecchi anime with decent characters and a good story, then it would be much appreciated.

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FotacienShado avatar FotacienShado
Jun 13, 2012

you put forth a very good argument

MrBushido avatar MrBushido
Dec 6, 2010

Why don't you try kiss x sis tv?

It probably was one of the best ones I've watched from ecchi and the music is fun too! :p


BlackVoid avatar BlackVoid
May 3, 2010

Unfortunently stupid male leads aren't exclusive to ecchi. They're everywhere. I thiknk this character needs to be done away with for good. Nobody likes it.

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