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Haibane Renmei

22 AUG

I just got done watching the anime Haibane Renmei. I really like this anime. It has excellent character development, a strong story, and an excellent supporting cast. This anime also has fantastic art and sound, the sound was killer in this anime. Even though this anime has a much darker and deeper plot to it than most animes that I have enjoyed, I found the plot to be actually very enjoyable.

The only thing that I didnt like about Haibane Renmei was that early on in the series,the pace was really slow, and it doesnt really pick up until about 5 or 6 episodes in.

All in all this anime is one of the best animes i have seen, and it really is one of the great animes that you never really hear anyone talking about. I give it a 5/5

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Funkgun avatar Funkgun
Aug 23, 2009

So try to at least give it to Episode 6 if you watch it it would appear.


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