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My feelings on Anime topics

28 NOV

If you look on my anime list I have here, you will find that there are a grand total of zero animes under the "won't watch" Category. I do this for a very specific reason, which is that I believe that every anime should have some chance at getting my attention and that by saying I won't watch something is not giving it the proper chance it deserves. However this does not mean I want to see every anime out there. Yes there are some that I don't want to watch, but that is different from saying I won't watch anime because when I don't want to watch an anime, I could be swayed into wanting to see it. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I am open to new animes and will be willing to give them a chance before I stop watching them.

Another Thing that I would like to discuss is the topic of subbed vs dubbed. It annoys me to no end when somebody is completely loyal to one form. The people who only watch dubs are missing out on the several anime which have not been dubbed, which severly limits the anime they would be willing to watch. The people who only watch subs do so because they believe that the original Japanese version is the best always and they are arrogant about it. They feel that if you don't watch all your anime subbed, that you are not a fan of anime. In my personal opinion however, I do prefer dubs for the sake of understandability. I feel that I can focus less on what they are saying, and more on how they say it in a dub. I also feel that it allows me to be more immerssed into my anime experience. However I am not against subs at all. subs allow me to watch anime that i would have no other way of seeing if I only watched dubs. One of my favorite Anime is not dubbed (Kashimashi) and I watched Lucky Star before there was a dubbed version and I loved it (Granted at the time I didn't understand most of the jokes, due to me being new to anime at the time). I also have 2 animes on my watching list that I watch in subs (Hetalia and Ichigo 100%).

One thing that bugs the living hell out of me is animes that use fanservice too much. I don't mind fanservice if it does not interfer with the plot or drive the plot or become all of the jokes in an anime. I'm a guy sure, I do like the occasional panty shot, but not when it becomes the only thing that happens in an Anime. I hate plot lines that only set up for fanservice and ecchi moments, like Dokura-chan season 2, or when it becomes a majority of the jokes, as in DearS, or when one character becomes the subject of fanservice and absolutely nothing more as in once again DearS with the teacher. All in All fanservice and ecchi moments are ok in moderation.

I also hate it when I cant find an Anime that I am looking for. Just today I was looking for Itsudatte My Santa online to watch for a second time. I had found the subbed version last year around this time, which was when I watched it, but now I can't find anything. Another one I can't find anywhere is Black Heaven. I can't even find the subbed version, which is usually easy to find online with most animes. It can be a real pain in the butt when you can't find what your looking for.

If you have noticed, which I'm going to assume you havent, is that my Manga list is pretty small on this website. This is not anywhere near as close as it is in real life. The reason why I don't keep track of that is because I can't remember what mangas I have read. I have read a lot of manga. Usually I have more manga books in my backpack than I do textbooks. Also I can never remember what chapter I'm on in my mangas to actually record my manga reading.

If you look at my Watched anime list you'll find that there are no "Mainstream" Animes like Death Note or Naruto, and that most of my list is composed of shorter animes with less than 26 episodes at least. I do prefer shorter animes like that. I feel like that it is more managable to watch and I don't feel so far behind that I'll never catch up. That and I also prefer to venture in places that the Anime community sometimes ignores like I My Me Strawberry Eggs and Kashimashi. I feel that these animes are often good or even great, and are worth more love than they recieve.

Anyways I'm done ranting now, so if you made it this far, Then i praise you for your patience (or boredom, which ever applies).


Rainsdrop avatar Rainsdrop
Nov 20, 2010

To me, it's impossible to not knowing which manga you're reading because seriously the title of the manga is EVERYWHERE how can you not know that?

I agree its hard to keep track of which chapter you're reading because some of the manga dont even have a chapter number -.-


Szwagier avatar Szwagier
Nov 29, 2009

I can't understand your annoyance with someone choosing subs over dubs. I mean - I don't force you to watch subs, you can pick whatever version you want. But personally I simply love the modern Japaneese voice acting. They have a large group of good seyius, with easily recognisable voice and great talent for drawing out characters emotions. To me hearing the original voice acting is part of the pleasure of watching the show. And I don't feel that "being open to the other version" is good enough reason for me to loose some of my fun in watching. I mind it less with older animes though, since they didn't have so many awesome seyius back then.

Omurqi avatar Omurqi
Nov 29, 2009

This actually isn't too far off to how I think about these things. I don't "Won't Watch" for that exact reason, I do watch most anime subbed, but one of my favorite voice-acting comes from the Beck dub and I highly prefer 13ep shows, OVA's, short-movies and movies nowadays :P

And *high-five* for DearS and Dokuro-hate (granted, Dokuro S1, haven't watched 2 nor planning to), my only two full-length rant reviews :P

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