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25 NOV

I have just finished watching the 13 episode Anime series DearS. Overall I found this anime to be mediocre at best. I felt that it relied on sexual humor and fanservice too much and it got in the way of the plot. Also I felt that they place some of the sexual humor in innappropriate places like during the climax in the 13th episode. The story itself I found to be rather weak. The stories in the episodes have very loose links inbetween each other and I felt that it was like the stories in most of the episodes were thrown together at the last minute. Also I felt that the story raised too many questions that there where no answers to on subjects like the bitters. I felt that character development was weak and that several of the characters were highly predictable and they didnt develop much, with the possible exception of Neneko with her hidden feelings for Ikuhara. I felt that there teacher was just a loud annoying peice of fanservice who only got in the way of the main plot. The music in the series was pretty decent. It had a catchy tune and the only thing that I didn't like about the music is in the opening with the line "I'm your slave", which sent chills through me and just seemed awkward. The art was Ok for the series, although I felt that it put too much emphasis on fanservice and there were a few inconsistencies in the drawings that were obvious. I feel that this whole series was created by people who are into bondage and submission, and that is because the whole series has that kind of aura to it.

There were a few things that I did like however. I laughed a bit in each episode whether it be sexual jokes or not. I feel that if you take away some of the episodes in the middle of the series, you would have a decent story that wasnt bogged down by predictable situations.

Overall this series wasnt good but it wasnt the worst thing I have ever seen. There is no rewatch value however and purchasing it on DVD would be a mistake. I give it a 2 out of 5

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Midnightx avatar Midnightx
May 30, 2010

I honestly thought it was good and was hoping for a second season. We all have our own opinions though.

default avatar fabs
Jan 10, 2010

I just know why its not a really good anime

because the do not have that much money look at the website of dearS the shut it down so thats the reason there is not a second season and its not a good looking anime

Kari5 avatar Kari5
Nov 27, 2009

You're a good writer. You should definitely write a user review (which is similar to a site review, but can be any length and written by anyone). Then it'll show up in the anime's 'reviews' tab.

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