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Hey im a staff member at www.zomganime.com and the forum www.zomgfourms.com/index.php

ehh anything else just give me a bell :)

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xXYoruichiXx Feb 12, 2008

No problem! :) Hope you like it here, everyone is really friendly.

Yup, both ef and FMP were in my top 5 at one time, but I'm super indecisive so my top 5 has changed a lot since I've been here.

And I've listening to tons of  Rise Against lately for some reason. :) Just wish I had their older cds (although I haven't heard anything from them) But I love every song on both Siren Song of the Counter Culture and The Sufferer and the Witness. Do you listen to a lot of punk (I guess that's what Rise Against is cliassifed as.. I dunno though I hate genres)?

Thanks about my sig although I'm not sure which one I had. o_O I tend to change mine a lot being indecisive and all.. That sucks that you can't see Light in your sig. But when you're tired of looking at L, you can always horizontally flip the image and look at Light with L covered. Two sigs in one. :P

I better stop now, this comment is a lot longer than I had planned.

xXYoruichiXx Feb 7, 2008

Hey! Welcome to Anime-Planet!

Great signature, btw! :)