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No Summer Vacation

21 JUN

Ugh...I got out of school on June 10th, but I still haven't had any vacation time. The week of June 14-18, I had community service. And today I just started summer school! I'll have Chemistry for 6 weeks! But at least I'll get credits for this course, then I won't have to take it at school during the 2010-2011 school year. But since I'm able to get credits, I'll have homework and a mid-term and a final exam. Ugh...And each day is a week's worth of work. Then on the 28th, I'll start my job. Ugh....I won't get to relax until August, which is two months aways. Oh well...It's my own fault for wanting to do so much. But I really wish I could sleep in. I hate having to wake up at 5:30am. And now I have to for summer school since my mom has to be at work by 7am. This sucks. 


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