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Sup sup, folks.

If there's anything you'd like to know just ask. ^_^y

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merla692 Mar 21, 2012

hey babe <3yeah, you're right ^_^ ; Stranger is pretty good, and I specially liked Nanashi's voice actor... the dude is so hot teeheehee

and I was able to log onto MAL this week, think I'll just go back to chatting with you guys at the club and forums, but I kinda got attached to animeplanet, I think it's interface is cleaner and it's easier to organize your anime list here. I just wish there were more info on the series and the staff, also it'd also be awesome f you could add info to the series like on MAL.

And yeah, OreImo is pretty good, the only thing is that the main character, the sister,  is kinda annoying  ;>__>;

the specials are pretty good though cause the sister isn't the main character xD

I think you'd like it though, and you'd like the sister too, she's exactly the type of character you're into hahaha

kisses and love <3hope to see ya sometime soon on MAL :3 

merla692 Mar 6, 2012

yeeess! i liked it :) but you know, it's still what i'd call dumb action and there's not enough BL to cover for it... it's so frustrating, I understand just exactly how shiragane feels when he gets rejected by akira :''( hehehe

and yes, kuragehime has officialy made its way onto my top 5 list now. all thanks to you <3 you always come up with the best recommendations yknow <33 and while we're on that topic, dude, I didn't expect you to memorize my top 5 list LOL just the fact that you noticed I changed it a bit is creepy enough already lololol

and kuragehime stole samurai champloo's spot. It was a tough call, i was really sad to remove it :''/

I was actually torn between samurai champloo and mononoke, but i guess while as samurai champloo is kinda mainstream, mononoke is more underground-ish and darker so it makes me look cooler heheh 8) (yeah i know i'm silly :x )

merla692 Mar 5, 2012

My love <3It's great having you here too teeheeI'll send you as many pix as you want ;Dbtw, i've watched monochrome factor recently; honestly, its like a BL version of Bleach, except there are less fillers ^^' heheAnywayz, I really loved Shirogane though! Pure hotness <3

If you have any more BL recommendations for me send me a shout anytime! :Dmiss ya lots and lots :'( 

kisses <3