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I wish to become a flying toaster. One day I will fly with the seagulls to a warmer climate and live happily in some cheerful American's apartment, stealing fish and chips and living as a bird.

Also, I need to get out more.

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Freya says...


Jan 10, 2011
Rinkaaririka says...

Thanks if it is,you can address to me ;)

 But inot so well known English :D

I like too Lucky Star ^__^

May 11, 2009
Fishus says...

Konnichiwa, freya-chan! Genki desu ka?

Thank you for the note on my page, it was good to see people noticing I signed up. I was actually born in Scotland, in Livingston, but we moved away after about 6 months, when i was still just a baby.

May 9, 2009
IchigoTsukiYuki says...

Same goes for you!! Awesome top 5!! Yey! Lucky Star!!! Ooo you got TMM TOO!! Oo Japan is really cool! Hmm no I didnt put TMM in my top 5 because ichigo has my name too. I just love the show!! O ya i need to update mt top 5 i haven't been on in a while. Look forward to it!! XD

Mar 16, 2009
ZeroSama says...

Nice top 5! I just finished watching Lucky Star myself, that series is a classic.

Feb 15, 2009