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I'm kinda taking a break of watching anime as much as I did before...

So I'm pretty casual.. don't be surprised if I didn't watch a classic or something =]


"Some people spend their lives interested only in themselves"

    -Hayao Miyazaki


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JAhU says...

Believe me or not, I didn't strive for Gaussian distribution. I only cast votes as I saw fit and this was the end result. Apparently Gaussian distribution (otherwise known as normal distribution) is something that occurs in nature, so that kind of result shouldn't be too surprising.

Sep 25, 2015
JAhU says...

I just remembered 2 slice of life-ish anime which you haven't seen and which I liked.

Those are:

  • Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

  • Servant x Service

I hope, you'll like them.

Jun 4, 2014
JAhU says...

I had programming as a hobby before (2 years ago), but now I do that for living (which unfortunately means I quit nearly all hobbistic programing on my own).

Somehow nothing comes to mind in regards to underrated slice of life. I'll try posting you something when it does (-_-; )

May 23, 2014