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Welcome to my shrine!

Let's get the obvious things out of the way first.

My name is Noël and I'm currently working as a software developer. I'm obviously a huge anime fan. My biggest issue with anime atm would probably be HDD space though :(

My hobbies contain a lot of different things. Ranging from being a typical nerd - that loves anime and is an avid gamer (Unreal Tournament series) - to the extremes of black metal and bodybuilding. I have played baseball for about 7 years, but in Belgium it is just too limited to keep playing. So now i just play whatever sport i feel like when i have the time. At the weekends i can often be found playing snooker or just having a beer (or worse ^^).

Despite all that... Sothis still described me as "Ok, that's the ultimate in lazy right there ;)" - sry for the inside joke

Other snippets:

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German and learning Japanese

Mangas: Berserk, Claymore, GANTZ, Hajime no Ippo, Hellsing, Hunter X Hunter, Initial D, One Piece, School Rumble & Suzuka

Most rewatched: DN Angel, FMA, Gankutsuou, GetBackers, Grenadier, Hajime no Ippo, Hellsing, Hale + Guu, Mai-HiME, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun

Favorite drinks: Duvel (best beer and of course Belgian) & Long Island Ice Tea (great cocktail)

Favorite movies: The Godfather, The Gladiator & Ice Age II

Favorite Japanese places: Kiyomizu-dera & Maruyama Park (Kyoto), Himeji Castle (Himeji), Yoyogi Park & Akihabara (Tokyo)

I'll add more when i think of it.

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Ran Nov 7, 2007

My parent were just fed up with the bad weather and city life, they moved to an old farm :P

mh i just play alone or with friends, don't like clans so much, everything i've seen ended in not having fun playing anymore, but just getting stressed over compeitions, and i don't feel like playing day and night to become really good at it or so :p Though if i decide to buy it (i'm kind of  in a mod team already in fact, would be sucky to not have the game then XD) it'll also be a the collector once more i guess^^

Will be hard seeing what i'm watching, i set the animes straight from want to watch, to watched :p i mean, i probably saw 20 or so since i signed up XD

Ran Nov 6, 2007

I used to listen to those bands too, love anorexia nervosa <3 didn't know they were from france though :p Atm i listen to stuff like membrane, lodai, manimal, psychup, dwail [] that is when i go to concerts, i rarely have any music turned on at home or so.

I started playing unreal when i was 12. It was the first release ever back then ^^ though i never actually got through the third level before a few year ago :p was too scary a spaceship, and too tough monsters. I liked the very first weapons best though, the razorjack and the first riffle with upgrades were the best... In UT3 i can't even tell which is the flak canon <3 anymore... i'm not sure if i'll buy it :p it's all too confusing, i can't even tell which weapon should be which, though i think i noticed a few changes going back to the original... ah well can't know for sure anyway. :P

Waï i always thought metering devices worked just like that, as in was only mechanical stuff Oo ah well i suppose if it's for monitoring stuff for eg a fabric, it's much more complex huh ^^

i'm a dutch born in france. Dont feel particulary belonging to any country tough

Ran Nov 6, 2007

héhé, Lain is just special :) i just named bands i supposed most people to at least have heard of :p also like some bit les know bands, but there no one will ever have heard about em, even on frnech sites i usually don't get through XD.

hihi i see we do share some interests seemingly, ut indeed, though i don't really like the lat one so far... :\ it just doesn't feel the same anymore...  mh may i ask what kind of software you're developing? :p

mh does that "worse" in the profile stand for playing snooker while having a beer? (though i have no idea what it is - snooker, not beer)

hah i see we also talk the same langages :p although my german isn't too good, and i'm not actually as much learning japanese as quoting animes XD 

maybe my english is good cause i'm not actually french, i only live there... ^^

What part of belgia ar you from btw? 

Gagi Nov 3, 2007

Yo dude, same here: You got a very nice top5 as well :)

Only Haré+Guu I dont know, meaning i HAVE to watch it :D

See ya!

EDIT: Oh lol...after I clicked on it I noticed it's actually an anime im currently watching... only I know it as Jungle Wa etc... Very funny anime:)

caitlin Nov 2, 2007

Yeah, I heard about that. You're good at submitting them! XD (Holding back and still beating me for number this week, eh? :P)

 Oh, definitely! and then your number two spot will be mine. Before I work for better things ;)