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kerosenekisses avatar kerosenekisses


Sep 25, 2013

Ok i shall give the blach a try it might be slow going maybe one or two a week!

I think ive got kenichi on my want to watch list so i will get around to it im sure :)

So have you actually watched attack on titan then!

kerosenekisses avatar kerosenekisses


Sep 21, 2013

Ok so ive looked for some dubs for you!

Accel World

Sword Art Online

Mirai Nikki (future diary)

Kore wa zombie desu ka (is it a zombie)

Highschool DXD

Hopefully something there will be to your liking, i still think you should watch attack on titan even though it is subbed!

kerosenekisses avatar kerosenekisses


Sep 1, 2011

Just finished watching buso renkin reccon you might like it!

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