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  • Recent anime related buys(updated as of 5/29/11)

Recent anime related buys(updated as of 5/29/11)


5/8-Well recently haven't gotten any dvds and mangas recently but a statue instead. Manged to pick up a limited silver Jin roh statue for 11 bucks. But unfortunately the 1 i got does not have the famous red eyes. But luckily im sure the package im waiting for is gonna have red eyes.

5/16- Finally got my 1/6 Panzer cop figure. He isn't really anime but since he is in the same franchise as Jin roh ill count it as anime.

5/29- Came back from Fanimecon today and picked up 3 goodies while i was there. 1st being a MG Ingram 2 W13 ver with working shoulder lights, 2nd an extra finish 1/44 eva 1 and lastly my 1st brave gokin figure which is the Ingram 1/3 TV ver.



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