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I was on an anime hot streak for a while, but burned out and took a break for several months.  Now I think I'm ready to pick up something new (LOST is almost over, after all), so here I am, back at the a-p anirec db.  I also finally saved up enough frequent flier miles to go to Japan, so I'm now set on learning Japanese... at least somewhat.

My favorite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist (2003).  I've seen a lot of other shows and movies that I've liked intensely, but none that have come close to FMA for me.   That said, there are several 'want to watch' shows and movies that I have very high hopes for. 

I'm not too interested watching most mecha, ecchi, or proxy-fighting shows, but am willing to give most things a shot.  

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KnoxSe7eN avatar KnoxSe7eN

You Rock!

Jul 9, 2009

I figured I had not sent you a message on here in forever. So I just wanted to say eh hello lol

Yeah kinda pointless but meh

ForsakenPT avatar ForsakenPT

Great Anime List!

Jun 7, 2009

Has i browsed your top10 list i just cant forgive you for not seeying Genshiken nor placing it in your wanting to see list..

You must see it.. :)



default avatar ailyn92

Thanks! ^_^

Mar 2, 2009


I just wanted to say thank you for the the nice comment you left me! :-) It really made me smile to see we had the same Top 1. Also: thanks you for (sort of) introducing me to 'Welcome to the NHK'- that really saved me from a period of complete boredom. :-)

And what you said to me, goes for you too: Way to have great taste! :-)

VivisQueen avatar VivisQueen

Thanks! ^_^

Feb 7, 2009


That's high praise indeed! Thank you very much. Glad my review is a motivator, hehehehe. This show needs to get OUT THERE. So disgustingly underappreciated. Hmmm, might join Cetonis' group.

Gravestone avatar Gravestone

Cool Top 5 Anime!

Jan 11, 2009

Hey, thanks for the comment! FMA was my first anime, so i have a huge love for that, and NHK was like, life-changing for some reason, so that was definitely on my top 5. 

Heh, nice least fav genre list, too. I hate magical girl animes, and Harems just make me feel bad when the girl i wanted to get with the guy doesn't. (Love Hina, for example: Naru was such a bitch! Shinobu should have gotten with him!)

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