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After several months of anime burn-out, travel, and health problems, I'm ready to start watching some anime again.  I'm still having health problems, but what can you do?  Not enough, apparently.

The Japanese Embassy had free tours of their teahouse this past weekend; while there, I found out that they're screening the Kenshin movies at the end of the month.  I've wanted to see them for some time, but had always planned on watching the series first (though I've heard it isn't essential to do so).  Now I'm motivated to watch the show... when I get back on the trip I'm leaving for Wed.  I realize that getting back into anime by watching a long and, from what I hear, hit-or-miss series might not be the best idea, but I figure the deadline will help.  Maybe I'll break it up with a couple OVAs or movies.  

The site looks great.  I look forward to checking the anirec and forum regularly again.  I probably won't get to see everything that's new or different until after I get back from my trip, but am curious as to what's changed.  I've been following a-p on twitter and read something about a character db.    

This was the first online community I actually tried to take part in at all and, though I generally had a good time and made some friends, it was somewhat bewildering at first.  That is to say that I really didn't get onlne socializing and, coupled with general paranoia**, it made me a a little uneasy.  Or maybe just uneasy enough to be overly tense and suspect.  Ha- now that I said that, I'm pretty sure it wasn't just an online problem.  Haha...ha.  Good times!      

There were some good folks here, so I hope that some of them are still around. 

In other news, I've also embraced the unnecessary footnote***.  

Think I'll put the Kenshin wheels in motion, so I can watch it when I get back.  Although... now that I'm thinking about it... the Embassy might not be screening the OVAs and those are actually what I want to see.  Crap!  Whatever- I'll watch the show anyway.  

Though I haven't been watching anime, I have been reading some manga.  I'm really digging Claymore and am going to pick up Akira and Berserk to read while I'm away.  

*a severely out of touch nerd-granny

** and possibly some come and go RL badness

*** like this^

^and this  

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chii avatar chii
May 4, 2010

welcome back. i hope everything is running a little better for you now. health issues suck so much. welcome to that club :|

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