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It's a show where everything goes crazy for no reason on a regular basis, but still finds the time to have drama but not seem forced.

There is kind of a plot going on here, a very androgynous lower class girl goes to a very wealthy school, breaks a vase, and is now indebted to a group of guys who entertain women. Most of whom don't have any common sense. There's one guy who gets worked up over anything to do with "commoners" like cup noodles, instant coffee, and so forth. Another who is evil. Two more who are evil. A forth, if you hate crazy fan girls. A boy who loves cake, and a tall guy. There's also a lot of cross dressing. Just saying.

The art is amazing, you can tell they worked really hard on this. But between you and me, check the tweens, that's where the shortcuts were made.

Music is good, can be as dramatic or crazy as necessary, I like the OP, especially since it was dubbed. Voice actors are great in the japanese dub, better in the english dub. They got Vic and Todd, and Greg, and Monica, and Luci and all of their good actors on this one.

Though this anime was made for girls, it's not too hard to believe that a guy would like it IF HE GAVE IT A CHANCE. But even still, there's no big fight scenes... no, wait, there are, but, it's still a shojo... this isn't the show for people who like dark and depressing, or boring and serious. Or robots.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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totavo Dec 25, 2009

Over the past year I've heard so much about  this anime, And I'm that guy that you speak of at the end of your review. I might eventually give it a chance, But i'm not sure as i also love Dark and depressing stuff. ;P

Great review :)