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Winter 2011 Preview


Okay, only a month left for 2010 so you know what that means! Its the time of year when all the children get really excited for what I can only assume is the new year of anime. So why don't we see what's under the tree for winter 2011

Oniichan no Koto Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne—!!! - It appears to be what everyone was hoping ore no imouto was not. So this is almost definitely for all you little sister complexers out there, enjoy, because you guys will be the only guys into it. Well, maybe the guys who liked B gata H kei too, but I wouldnt be surprised if they were the same people.

Cardfight!! Vanguard – I already saw Yu-gi-oh, I dont want to see it again.

Starry Sky – Hmm... its seems like this show is if kaichou wa maid sama decided to have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I guess if you're a girl who has ABSOLUTLY nothing better to do... but even then, making toast sounds better than this...

Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft – A lovecraftian anime? Erm. Ha? I'm not sure how to take this... I mean, at first I thought they were talking about that nasty looking ONA that was released not to long ago, but apparently its met the same fate as azumanga daioh and has gotten its own series. That being said... azumanga daioh had a well known studio and the worlds greatest mangaka, this has a bunch of nobodies and a dubious source material. I might check it out just because of the novelty of a cthulhu based anime, but my hopes aren't up for anything good.

WolverineOh.... er, hi. Another rather western concept in japan... Now this one isnt as surprising because we were told about this one way back when iron man was announced. But now that we've seen what madhouse can do with marvel's properties, I dont really think this is going to be all that good. I dont know about you guys, but the Iron manime seemed rather off to me, everything just felt wrong, like why was Tony Stark portrayed so darkly, he seemed like he was about to kill everyone, even when he was talking about solving world hunger or whatever. Oh well, maybe they wont screw this one up, since I'm pretty sure wolverine isnt as cuddly as Stark.

Beelzebub It seems like the guys who did naruto are doing another action shonen. From what I've read, people claim the source material is pretty good too (its about a delinquent who has to raise some sort of demon baby.) Who knows, maybe this will become the next naruto. No, not really, naruto fans are too closed minded for that, but hey, maybe the ones who arent could get a kick out of this.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? - Okay, this one seems a bit weird... its about a guy who becomes a zombie and meets a bunch of magical girls and a vampire ninja. Well, you cant say the japanese are running out of ideas. But really, I'm not sure what to expect from this, sure, it looks like another one of those, average boy protects magical girl who could probably take care of herself on her own, but it also looks a bit more guesome than that, like highschool of the dead, and the casting doesn't help me figure anything out...

Suite Precure If you've seen the other precures, watch this, if not, you probably arent reading this.

Houkago no PleiadesWhat is up with all the weird animes this season, now this one is being made by professional otakus gainax and professional car company subaru. And though nothing about this show sends up any red flags. Subaru is a car company, what is subaru doing making an anime? On its own, it looks like a bunch of girls that do stuff, which I guess is okay if you're into that, but come on, how many otakus do you know who can drive? I know like 10 hardcore otakus and only a third of them have cars, why would you want to target a demographic that doesnt want your product?

Dragon CrisisSo its another one of those “normal guy who protects a magical girl who could probably already blahdy blahdy blah” Except now its a dragon girl vrs the black market. Although the guy who did kamichu is on board with this, though I dont really know anyone else involved... I dunno maybe if you want more to aru majutsu no index out of your winter, you could include this in your line up, and hey, maybe this will be better.

GOSICKSo this is some sort of loli sherlok holmes... Didnt we just get that with tantei opera milky holmes? Though I guess this will be more like Sherlock Holmes than milky holms which seems to be in name only. So its a mystery anime about a child detective. Wonderful because I've never heard of any anime like that before. Case closed.

Kimi ni Todoke Second SeasonYay! More Ryuu! The first season was pretty good, though it got kinda tiresome near the end, and it wasnt really left wondering what happened next. But it was still overall a good show if you're into chick flicks. Or Ryuu, that guy was awesome.

FreezingEw. This looks stupid. Another one of those fighting academies where a guy meets up with a bunch of girls who get naked a lot. Why do these keep happening? Is there some way we can knock the depravity out of the guys who actually watch this stuff? Save getting them a real girlfriend...

Hourou MusukoI'll say this now, I don't like transgender stuff, mostly because all the the guys I know who claim to be girls are more manly than me... But that said this looks like aoi hana. Did you like Aoi hana? If you said yes, then watch this, because its written by the same person. I thought Aoi hana was ridiculously slow and plodding even by my aria-loving standards, but hey, at least its not about a normal guy who has to protect a magical girl!

Mitsudomoe 2nd SeasonI Love Bridge. They made all the most awesome slice of life shows that weren't made by JC Staff. Sure, the first few episodes when mitsudomoe was trying to be like a vulgar hanamaru kindergarten sucked, but when they shifted to being minami-ke, it was hilarious. I love how bridge always manages to have a character who has around a 97% screen to laugh ratio. In strawberry marshmallow it was miu, in minami-ke it was hosaka, and here its the girls rather questionable father. So yeah. If you're into comedy, I'm pretty sure bridge has all the kinks worked out of this show by now, so this has got to be good. Right? Right guys?

Infinite Stratosthis looks like a better version of freezing, with more scifi and less terrible. I mean, its still about a guy in a fighting school surrounded by girls, but at least this one looks cool. So yeah, as long as it isnt what we all hope its not, this might be actually worth it. If not, you can always have pudding instead, great way to spend a half an hour.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica – Okay, this one's probably the most confusing one of all this season. Take the staff from hidamari sketch, and substitute the writer for the guy who did some dark action stuff. That's right. Lets just take a crew who did a show about cuteness and have them adapt a script by the guy who did phantom. BUT thats not all Shinbo is directing this, and as we know, he doesnt like making animes, he likes making slide shows with lip sync. I'm kinda scared that Shinbo is going to mess this one up by simply having all of the characters stand around and doing artsy things for artsy reasons. That may have flown for hidamari sketch, but I doubt you can pull that here Mr Shinbo! As for the plot... it looks like its about a girl who wants to be magical. I dont care, I just love Ume Aoki's work, it could be about turtles being unable to get up for half an hour and I'd still be placated. So please Akiyuki Shinbo, I'm sure you were given a good budget, you can afford to have the characters move around and have reality act normally, just please, please dont let this turn into bakemonogatari

Fractale – and another show that wont tell me much about it... I mean... it looks mysterious, but I have no idea what fractale is and if it has anything to do with fractals, all I can glean is that its kind of like being halfway into the matrix, and apparently its breaking. Umm, how about I just talk about Dennou coil instead, that had a similar premise of a boy looking for a girl in some sort of strange half computer generated land or something. It also looks like its going to be slow paced like dennou coil too, if the staff and source material are any indication. Does anyone here like dennou coil?

Yumekui Merry – So a rather uninteresting plot here, its just a guy who sees multi colored auras on people and has dreams about a war on felines, and then has a girl from his dreams land on top of him. Thats happened to all of us. Its nothing new. Why, I was just talking to my friend the other day (who is a nice green/yellow/blue color) about how I finally made headway in that battle for control of the giant yarnball, when he tells me that that girl who came out of his dreams keeps him from ever getting a good night sleep. Yes, yes. Nothing odd at all about this show. Oh well, at least the staff looks good, or should I say, the JC staff. Oh ho ho!

Rio - Rainbow Gate! - Another pachinko tie in anime, and this time its not just another attempt form Junichi Sato to make the perfect soothing anime (no, thats tamayura this time). The only information I have about this is that its about some overly sexy lady and some little girl in a casino, and is made by the guys who did pandora hearts. I dont know anything else about it. What I can say is that it is definitely not pandora hearts.

Level E – A guy who goes to live on his own and finds that his roommate is an alien with amnesia. Okay, first, if you have amnesia, how do you know you're an alien, and second, who would believe such a stupid thing. Thats like hitting the jackpot on non-sexual anime cleches. Though I will say that this show does not look half bad. It looks appropriately mysterious (though not as comedic as it claims to be, and it better be, no one can take that plot seriously, I'm still itching to make fun of it) and is made by the same guy who did a bunch of other good mangas, and no one looks on staff like they're planning on blowing this show up. So yeah, if some sort of dark/scifi/comedy thing sounds good to you, go ahead and watch!


Lair avatar Lair
Jan 7, 2011

Yay, more Ryuu. Even though it had its problems, Kimi ni Todoke was one of favorite romance animes and Ryuu was also my favorite character in it.

And since you asked, I really liked Dennou Coil. It had horrible characters and plot, but the setting alone made it worth watching. It was propably one of the most interesting settings in an scifi anime I have watched, mostly because it presented a very plausible futuristic vision about augmented reality.

Not many animes that I can get exceited about, but a few of them caught my interest. Level E may have some potential and Beelzebub could be fun also. I haven't watched Mitsudomoe, but judging from your presentation I may take a look at it.

Anyway thanks for the list

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