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Season summer 2009

12 JUL

The melancholy of haruhu suzumiya Season 2 - Though this is technically spring 2009, I will review it because the new episodes don't really start until summer. The story is about a guy named Kyon who, after entering high school, has given up on his dreams of having an interesting life and decided to just be a normal high school student. On the first doy of school, however, the girl sitting right behind him announces that she has no interest in normal humans, and if you are a time traveler, esper of alien, you should come see her. Of course, Kyon Just has to talk to her, which all leads up to them starting a club (the girl forcing kyon to start a club) And that's when things get really weird.

This season Started pretty well by doing the unaired part of the novel the first time around, but the next few episodes just make you want to scream, they have the whole "repeating time" plot (like groundhog day) And they have spent 3 episodes doing the same thing, its getting frustrating. Sure, this show is still amazing, funny, and witty, but come on Kyoto, there is no way the book took up this much time to finish this up! A begrudging pass

Saki - More continuing spring season. This show's all about mahjong? Know what that is? No, no you don't. So just pretend I'm talking about something more familiar like chess through this summary. Saki hates Mahjong because her parents didn't like it when she won, which she always did. So when she suddenly ends up playing the mahjong club, they notice something, she always gets +0 (nigh imposable) so they talk her into joining the club and playing at the regional mahjong tournament. Also there's tacos, lots of them.

This show suddenly became epic at the start of the second season. Though they are playing mahjong, you'd swear it was actually a angel with huge breasts fighting a evil rich girl with a giant lance. And a ghost, what is up with that? I mean, there's as much plotting in this anime as in death note, but this one has some cool imagery (and less cerebellum). though it all fails if you don't know what mahjong is. Good thing I learned for the sake of this anime! Pass!

Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~ (sea story) - Okay, now for the official season block. Sea story is about some tail-less mermaids who find a ring and go on land to try to return it. But mermaids really stick out, since they are weird and wear bikinis everywhere. As it turns out, the ring belongs to an evil girl (trust me) but she doesn't want it so she throws it far away. The mermaids, being innocent and naive go search for it, but instead end up unleashing evil onto the earth (I hate it when I do that) Now the priestesses of the sky and of the sea must team up to to this evil from reaching it's full strength. Too bad the sky priestess is that evil girl from before. And The “sky priestess” thinks that this is all a scam too! Hm, I guess this is going to be a magical girl anime.

It's art is solid, making me feel like I'm on an island in the sea, so they can easily make up for the lack of immersion caused by them speaking the wrong language. The story is different enough to be interesting, the whole, "But I don't wanna save the world" thing is going on, and that's nice. The ED seems to show the characters watching the little mermaid, with comedic results. But I would like to complain about the OP. This song is so slow That I swear time moves backwards as you watch it. I know marble is known for their toned down music, but are you sure that's what this opening was made for? there seems to be too much action in it for the song to handle and I feel like they had another song lined up before they had a big name like marble come in. All in all it's good. the comedy was what I hoped and the plot is worthy of my time. pass

Taisho Yakyuu Musume - Okay, so I guess it's the 1800's and Japan is just now globalizing and doing things the western way. So, now there is this girl who wants to try making a baseball team, because, you know, who's ever heard of a womens baseball team? So everyone is apprehensive about the idea and don't want to get involved since the boys are sooo scary. So now what?

I was never a fan of the 1800's, nor was I a fan of any year that was before 1960, and this show never lets you forget that this show is in the year of yester, the old fashioned look of everything, the fact everyone is wearing kimonos, bleh, it's called a computer, get with the times already! I have also never been a fan of sports animes, since I grew up with sports movies as a kid, so I've gotten my fill of them already (Cool runnings was my favorite) plus, I count them as action that gets in the way of my comedy. Speaking of, the comedy fails, as it just seems to be playing cute, but I guess they weren't going to funny anyway, were they? Well, I guess I'll have to say that this anime gets a wholehearted fail

Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou - In a world where computer coding is a form of magic. That is all. Okay if you really want to know its about a hopeless girl who can only code pans and her trials to become a better magic user/progrommer. Come on, isn't that crazy enough?

What?! Okay so, I guess this is going to be a maho bishojo, but with computers thrown in and panty shots thrown out. And it's pretty funny, I mean, if you're going to transmute a huge spell, but all you can summon are wash basins, naturally, you'd summon a huge basin. Though the review was short, the verdict is Pass!


Aoi hana – This story is about two girls who meet for the first time in ten years, and have a lot of catching up to do. Not much else, really.

Though I like the pseudo-watercolor effect, I do not like the fact that this is obviously going to be a romance drama with the man replaced with another woman, so it'll be yuri. Besides, if I wanted pastels and watercolors in an anime, I'd watch Potemayo. Not to mention it's got nothing other than pretty visuals and yuri, so unless you like staring at pastel paintings of women all day, this wont be for you. In the name of Technicolor, this anime Fails!

Needless - It is the 22nd century, post WWIII, and black spots have appeared all over the world. In these spots where no one goes live new beings called Needless. These people have special powers, such as web slinging, shape shifting, and move copying. And after the death of normal boy Cruz's sister, he finds himself stuck in a black spot with no one to help him but his new "friends"

For this one, I got fellow MHQer to figure this one out, because when I think action gag comedy, I think Locustofchiron. He claims that the use of a badass main character, sexy female character +1 style is very unoriginal, however, what is original is the way they are trying to go about it, the comedy is apparently "new" and he has never seen anyone mispronounce something so bad as the girl who pronounced Cruz "Yamada" Dang it, unoriginal plot with new comedy? That's my style! Too bad it's an ecchi action shonen too. I mean, that ED was nothing more than lesbians making out! Maybe if it gets to gurren lagann levels of epicness we can talk. Maybe for a couple more episodes, I guess this gets a wessarific Pass!

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – Nozomu itoshiki is depressed. So depressed in fact, he wants to kill himself. But in between suicide attempts, he teaches a bunch of bright eyed high school students. His “cutting edge” teaching technique involves them going to, and talking about all sorts of things. And it's not just Nozomu who has a strange personality, there's super positive Kafuka, super even Chiri, possible domestic violence victim Abiru, hikikomori Kiri, stakler Matoi, Nami, yaoi fangirl Harumi, illegal immigrant Maria, internet troll Meru, panty clad Kaere, ehhh... there are so many characters, it goes on.

The art seems to have gotten a boost, but not much else has changed. Still pretty much the same as the last 2 seasons and ova. Looks like I'm going to be in Despair this season

Bakemonogatari – Ummm.. I think its about a guy who meets a girl who weighs 11 pounds. But the guy used to be a vampire. And then he takes her to... some guy who knows a lot about the supernatural tells her that she was attacked by a weight crab. Does anyone get any of this? And if so, help me out here!

So are they trying to make me want to watch this so we can find out what the heck is going on. Mission accomplished. Besides, it's SHAFT, they're supposed to be confusing. I'm sure they're going somewhere with this. I didn't have a good time with Natsu no arashi for being too weird, I may stick around for a couple more episodes, for at least until episode three, pass?

Kanamemo – After the last of Kana's relatives die, she must go out in the world to find work and board. Soon she stumbles on a group of eccentrics who deliver newspapers. A company run by a grade school student. And some how all the characters, despite being college age, respect her.

Okay, another SoL, I can do this, I can do this. It's got the atmosphere of Ichiroh! and the plot of Best student council, so I guess I'll like this since I liked those. And Aki Toyosaki is the lead role again, in case I didn't get enough of her in the lead role of last season's K-ON! But this show will probably succumb to Rei Kugimiya's curse of the show never leaving an impression on me. So I guess it's safe to say that this gets an easy pass, not like anyone expected otherwise


Sora no Manimani – My god, is Geijutsuka going to be the last one I do? That's the one I wanted the most!! Crisp and proper Saku moves back to the town where this girl terrorized him, so he's not too happy about that. Turns out she's still pretty crazy, so he gets dragged haruhi style into the astrology club. More stuff happens.

So, it looks like it will be one of the more tasteful harems, but the fact that it looks like a heram right of the bat loses it some points. It's got a cool main character, and the female characters aren't making me want to jam forks in my eyes, so its already better than sumomo mo momo mo. In fact, this seams like the melancholy of Haruhi suzumiya if kyon came in, and then left and then came back a year later and if haruhi was into stars and not who lives on them. I hope this prediction is right, because that would be awesome and the real melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is making me sad

GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class – At the dawn of the millennium, the nation collapsed. The adults lost confidence and fearing the youth eventually passed the educational rumble act. A school equipped for battle, a class pushed over the edge of sanity. Based on the most controversial manga of the century. The weak will perish, friends will become foes, and the fires of passion that smolder in two hearts will ignite in... pfft, that's not at all what this show is about. It's about highschool girls learning the basics of art while goofing off. If you're into learning the basics of color and drawing in the style of shoulder-a-coffin-kuro, this is it.

Ah, the joys of watching anime made for men by women. Sure the plot suffers, but the characters are always fun and enjoyable. I enjoyed this shows manga, and I enjoyed Satoko Kiyuzumi's other work, shoulder-a-coffin kuro. This anime is basicly a mix between Azumanga, lucky star and sketchbook. The comedic speed of azudai, the style of lucky star, and the art humor of sketchbook. In otherwords, it's awesome. pass.


Hetalia Axis Powers Second Season – Though this is continuing from the winter season, it is getting a new name for the summer. Born from the most powerful man on earth, you'd expect him to be a powerful ally in your fight against the allies. But Germany bet on the wrong horse this time, Italy is nothing more than a lazy fool who just wants to eat pasta and pizza. That's right, it's a show about national stereotypes fighting in world war two. There's the self proclaimed super hero America, the wuss no one cares about who goes by the name Canada, A slightly off self absorbed man Great Britain, and, well, I'm sure you know the rest, assuming you passed geography. But if you didn't pass geography, try watching this show, you'll learn a lot about history, while finding out that everyone on the planet is insane.

This show is not exactly long, sure, it's going to have a total of 52 episodes, but they aren't that big. But what they are are educational while being satirical. And by educational, I mean slightly more educational than moetan. Not only is it funny, but it also is really fun to see what a personified country. Seriously, if you watch anime, at least watch the first couple of episodes, it will only take like 10 minutes and you'll thank me later. Well, I guess the last show of the season is Pass, oh dear, I ended up with too many animes this season.


Bevian avatar Bevian
Aug 1, 2009

Have to agree on your comment about Saki: The player. I've brushed up and learnt the game (Japanese Mahjong) enough now to appreciate the content of the anime. Once you have an incline of what is happening, the reactions of characters becomes alot more understandable, although I do love how sometimes it seems more of an epic action series instead of a mahjong tournament...

P.s: Got my first Tsumo after Kon the other day, I was ecstatic =D

TidusBlade avatar TidusBlade
Jul 26, 2009

Was wondernig what to watch from this summer's season so thanks for the useful and entertaining post ^^

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