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Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Specials

28 MAR

This is to be considered more of a synopsis/recommendation than an actual review. Since Anime-Planet won’t allow me to leave a blank review score I am giving it a translated score from my rating.

Whether it’s the vice president trying to find Akatsuki-proof underwear (she doesn’t), Akatsuki crashing a hot springs respite, or Myuu trying to find a new battle outfit – these specials are random, pointless, and very funny (if you have a stupid, childish sense of humor like I do). Each special usually takes a certain recurring theme that happens throughout the series – the vice president always getting her underwear stolen by Akatsuki, for example – and presents a brief continuation of said theme.  These shorts share the series’ sense of humor, love of fanservice, and not-so-deep story. So basically, if you hated the series then don’t watch the specials. End of story. You will just find more things to hate. But if you’re like me and you loved the show then you should watch these for a few laughs.

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