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I have only been watching anime since I was 16 so I guess I'm a late-comer to this whole thing. I like to watch action, drama, comedy, and some tsundere, but I will watch just about anything unless I get bored or it's just stupid, and since it's not on those lists my second least favorite genre is Moe for Moe's sake (because random little loli fodders prancing around and acting "cute" and stupid doesn't entertain me). My favorite anime is the first one I finished, Death Note, and I am an avid Light supporter even though I have nothing personal against L, but I despise N with all of my being. Other than that I would have to say I like a wide variety of anime from tear-jerkers (Clannad After Story, Kanon, Air) to heavy action (Darker than BlackGurren Lagann, Berserk) to even some ecchi (Sekirei, Rosario + Vampire, Chobits).

Besides watching anime I also play a lot of video games such as Portal, InFamous, Persona (aka the best RPG series ever), Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy (X and XII are my favorites), Kingdom Hearts, Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, and Uncharted. I like playing video games that are "smart" as in you have to think about how to defeat enemies and progress through the levels, which is why I play a lot of JRPGs. I do not have a lot of patience for most FPS games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield because I don't find them mentally stimulating and their online players annoy me.

My favorite music is just about anything that's lively or has a good beat (or both), so I listen to a lot of heavy rock, techno, and pop. Some of my favorite bands are Basshunter, Sonata Arctica, Blowsight, Simple Plan, Skillet, Switchfoot, and 3OH!3. Although recently I've been going through a punk rock phase, so I almost only listen to Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, and The Sex Pistols.

I live in Washington state, but I have also lived in south Texas for a while. I am a college junior majoring in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington.

Is it sad that I know how to solve all of those math problems?

My Ratings:

When I rate an anime I use a 3.5 as my "guidepoint." If I think that was pretty good but not the best (above average) then I give it a 3.5. If I think "It's ok" (average) then it gets a 3, and I don’t start actively hating something until a 2.5. If I think that it was very good, a 4; excellent and awesome, a 4.5; and OH-MY-GOD-I-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-LOVE-IT, a 5.

These ratings reflect how I personally viewed the anime, and I sometimes annoy some of my friends because I rate some anime that it seems like everybody loves (FLCL, Black Rock Shooter, Spirited Away and almost every other Ghibli) really low (don’t get me started on how much I hate FLCL), but I also rate anime that others don’t really like higher than most (Area 88 TV, Baldr Force EXE).

And just because I rate something 5 stars doesn’t mean I think that it’s perfect, because I don’t. I just believe that those anime’s good traits far outweigh their bad and that their bad points are pretty trivial. I could nitpick at things I didn’t like from all my 5 star rated anime: for example, Code Geass had some pointless ecchi moments and character inconsistencies, not to mention that the middle of the second season was a little dull, Death Note had a disappointing second season, Mushi-shi can be described as basically the same episode over and over again, etc.

(start pointless fangasm)

But ok, even after saying that there is one that I honestly can say that I can find no fault in: Gungrave. Its pacing, storytelling, characters, setting, everything is brilliant and I honestly cannot find anything to fault it on (I only put it as no. 3 on my top 10 list because I felt that 1 and 2 had a grander "wow" to them). Read Sothis' review on it to learn more, I agree with everything she says about it, but anyway GO WATCH IT NOW!!!!! 

(end pointless fangasm)

On the opposite end of the rating spectrum I rate anime I didn't finish lower because I didn't enjoy them enough to warrant completing them. Also, I find music videos and short specials hard to rate because they are brief and (I think) can't really be very good because of their short time, but I do have a couple exceptions. But remember this: these ratings reflect how felt about the anime. If you personally enjoyed an anime that I did not it's because everyone's tastes are different. I don't judge you for liking it, and you (hopefully) don't judge me for going "Meh."

One more thing (I know that you're tired of reading this but hang on), when I watch a super-long anime like Naruto and Naruto Shippuden I only rate story episodes, not the filler. There are two reasons for this: (1) The filler is there for exactly what it's called, it gives buffer room between the show and the manga and that's all it's good for so you shouldn't judge the anime based on something that's only there because they want the manga to remain relevant (it also makes the anime better to stick to the manga, just look at the difference between Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood)  and (2) I honestly don't watch filler anymore. I made this decision after I persevered through every single filler episode in Naruto, even though the show's been over for years. Why? Because I was going to watch the entire show, dammit! But then I realized that watching filler just to watch filler is pointless and kinda makes you like the show less, so on Shippuden I googled "list of Shippuden filler" and skipped the episodes it listed, and guess what? Not only did the story make better sense because I watched it straight through, but I also enjoyed myself more. So now when I watch the new filler episodes of Shippuden I'll watch it if it's interesting (it usually isn't) but if not I'll move on. 

My AMV of the Moment:

Anime: Baka and Test

My Small Blurb About Characters/People:

Anime-planet has the whole love/hate characters/people thing, and I think it's cool and I use it, but not exactly like that. You see, I hardly ever hate a character, just get super fed up with them. I put them in my hate list because I don't like them, usually because they're constantly being stupid and/or annoying, not because I hate them. I "hate" people when their voice gets on my nerves, not because I want to kill them while they sleep. I'm sure the people on my hate list are great people, fun to be around, etc., but I just don't like their voice.

My Reviews:

I have recently started writing some reviews, and I hope to keep adding more as time goes on. I like to review anime where I have a different opinion than the consensus because that way I can show a different viewpoint for that anime. I have also started to write "reviews" (more like a synopsis with some personal opinions) for anime - usually specials - that have no synopsis or reviews. These are just to let people know what the show is about and I'll probably delete them once they get an official synopsis.

I will freely admit that my reviews aren't the best-written articles in existence, but I try my best to give my honest opinion about what I'm reviewing (or blogging about, for that matter). I have always had trouble writing good papers, and this is no different (I guess that's a reason why I'm going into engineering).

My Next Endeavor:

Since I started watching anime in my late teens I didn't have the oppurtunity to watch some of the more popular, longer anime that came out a while ago. I have wanted to watch these shows for a long time, but only got around to the Naruto series (and I only started watching that as soon as I did because a friend told me that one of the characters was a total badass and read porn novels and I was intrigued...sad but true). I just felt that why should I spend so much time watching one mega-ultra-long series (I define as 100+ episodes) when I could watch a ton of not-so-mega-ultra-long series instead, so I put watching them off, but no more. I have now made it a point that in the next year or two I will watch (or catch up to the most current episode of) Bleach, Toriko, Fairy Tail, D Grayman, Gintama, Inuyasha if I feel like watching it (haven't totally made up my mind), Samurai X, and One Piece. All my life I've had a desire to watch/read whatever was popular, whether I thought that I would like it or not, just so that I'd be informed, so that's another reason why I'm doing this. I am not going to watch Dragon Ball or Yu-gi-oh though, because I have no desire to whatsoever and I can get a better telling of the story through TeamFourStar and Yugioh Abridged.

God I have a long bio.

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