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Vividred Operation

Mar 24, 2013

Let's just get one thing clear: I am a Strike Witches fanboy. BUT that will not affect my review of Vividred Operation. I can guarantee that, because in my opinion, Strike Witches is 100000000000000000 times better than this show. Thus, you can be assured that this review will remain as objective as possible.


As this show was made by the same director as Strike Witches and Sky Girls, I expected very little in terms of plot. My expectations were fulfilled. Of these three works, I have to say Sky Girls has the best plot development (and ironically it is the least well known). Vividred Operation, from hereon referred to as Vivid, takes 5 episodes to introduce 4 heroines, color coded like magical girls. Around the middle of the first cour, the story attempts to add drama, by creating a tragic past for the antagonist, yet this utterly fails because the flashbacks lack too much context for the viewer to relate. Some more episodes pass. The girls take out alien enemies called "Alones." Some slice of life type stories take place (in other words filler)(yes, there is a beach episode). Finally, from episode 10, the plot begins to exist. Unfortunately, the dramatic build up that should have started from around episode 6 is not there, thus, the climax of episode 10 is not all that climactic. In fact, one could say it was predictable. 


Vivid is beautiful to look at. It's like a eyegasm. There are sparkles everywhere, motions are smooth and swift, and colors are...well...vivid. You can tell they really went all out on the visuals.

The character designs mostly fit into your typical stereotypes. The tomboy is flat chested, the rich girl is pale, etc. I'll get more into that in the characters section.


The opening theme is pretty catchy. It's an upbeat song that fits the mood of the series. The first few episodes have different endings, until it finally settles on one song around episode 5. While I appreciate the effort to make the endings unique, none of them were that good in my opinion.

The background music was fitting and there was a large varaiety of sound tracks.

The voices generally fit the characters, and I have to say the VA's did a pretty good job.


We have the bright and cheerful girl, the sheltered, kind, rich girl, the tomboyish, flat chested girl, and the quiet, loner girl. The only one who I can't put into a single mold is Himawari, the 4th girl to be introduced. It's not like I expected anything other than stereotypes, so I'm not too disappointed by that.

There isn't any character development. Again, I didn't really expect any.

The development of the close friendship between the four girls seems extremely rushed. The first two girls are fine, since they're childhood friends, but the other two seem to become close friends in a matter of days. Well, I guess cooperating with them while fighting giant aliens to protect the world might have that effect, but still...


Vivid is surprisingly similar to a magical girl show. In fact, it's more magical girl than mecha musume imo. Vivid is just one of those anime where you have to turn your brain off, and stop thinking about logic, plotholes, and physics. If you're looking for something deep and philosophical, don't watch this. If you want a solid plot with relatable characters, don't watch this. If you want an extremely superficial plot with likeable characters, you might like this. If you want a superficial story with light themes of friendship, mixed with unnecessary butt shots, then look no further (assuming you've already seen Strike Witches and Sky Girls). On that note, I feel obligated to say that they toned down the fanservice considerably from Strike Witches. So much, that an uncensored version BD version of the series likely wouldn't exist (assuming they don't add scenes).

1.5/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
2.5/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Baeron Apr 21, 2013

Meh, I'd give this show a 1 out of 100 if possible..

Nothing new - Only steryotypes - tons of background re-use - constant camera pans past the ass and crotch - no real storyline - half of the episodes can literally be skipped and not miss anything - There is nothing holding their friendships together at all, it's just "I choose you, and that's done so lets do something else." for how they "create" friends. - half the time they don't follow their own story's logic.

Produced by Pedophiles?The girls are designed to be easy targets for sexual preditation.. as well as they're all under 18.. that just makes me shudder and wonder when the rats covred in mold were going to explode out of their heads while the girls continue they squeak their nonsensical "coos" and "caaas" at each other. They would probably run around oblivious if their limbs started rotting off too... Vivid Zombie Operation.. hmm...They even put in as many naked scenes as they could... which put it dangerously close to being unable to be shown to the "younger target audience" it was supposedly designed for... ekk. Even the "biological report" at the end of the series was just another excuse to have a nude child onscreen...

kio3459 Apr 21, 2013

I completely agree with this review as well.  There’s really isn’t a story/no character development, animation is pretty, OST is pretty solid.  I would have probably given the same score/rating but.. The constant 3-5 "booty" shoots every EP really annoyed me, it would take me out of the story moment..  I can tell you one thing, the creator really likes girls butts.  They're were probably the best well drawn I've seen in any anime so far.  Strippers would be jealous of these 14yr olds.

flaze Apr 17, 2013

On a cheesy-ness scale of 1 to 10, Vivid is probably a 10. Cheesy isn't always bad, but in this case it was too cheesy.

iZallen Mar 31, 2013

Definetely an Eyegasm to watch. My only complaint to Vividred Operation is that the storyline and plot was kinda... cheesy. While definetely not the worst, it is still much better than just having all the main and side characters die in the end. (That just ruined an entire anime series I watched.)

flaze Mar 30, 2013

Edit: Raised sound to an 8 after taking into account background music.