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sothis Nov 6, 2007

Hey hey, just wanted to point out that your Color 1 (the URL) in your signature seems to be black, so it's not showing your username! :D Have you considered changing it to a lighter color?

tetra Oct 11, 2007

I hope you like them =)

tetra Oct 11, 2007

Yah, Claymore has finished now =) So I will probably watch it sometime in the next few month.

Anime like FMA *ponders* What elements of FMA did you like? I read through the recs for FMA, and the ones I instictively agreed with was Last Exile, King ofBandits Jing and a little surprisingly s-CRY-ed.

Although if others think they have similar elements there were some pretty awesome anime on that list, if I leave out the ones you already have on want to watch you should see Read or Die (both OVA and TV, ova came before tv so if you watch them, remember to see it first), Noir (classic classic), Samurai Champloo (this is a love or hate kind of anime, I love it), Monster (ok, I dropped it, but its a very serious anime and I watched it in a very bad period of my life),  Full Metal Panic (absolutely awesome!), and if you like predictable power-up anime Hunter x Hunter is rather fun.  

OneiChan Oct 10, 2007

Love your avvy and  sig! Mustang was imho the true hero of FMA.. plus he was teh smexy.

tetra Oct 9, 2007

I have only seen Full Metal Alchemist from those (have not seen claymore either since I only watch finished series). But FMA is good.