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This is my Bias Independent Opinion, or BIO, if you disagree, reread it.

Everything contained on this page is to be considered as fiction, remember that fictions may include real words, real people, real places, real events, and many other real things and ideas but they are still FICTION. also, nonfiction may include and even revolve around fictional tales, fictional people, fictional fiction, and what not. ('what not' may be interpreted as anything else, you are not permitted to interpret it in any other way, form, or fashion. You may not try to make it 'fashionable' or more 'formal' than it already is not. By "is not" I mean what it is not, to put it in other words I would need a font that is considered larger than another font which would be considered small, and some sort of program that enables me to type inside of "other words" but ignoring the literal preface I mean you may make it less former than it already is or more formal that it currently is but you may not use the same level of formality)

Now that that's over with, please continue onto my several (slightly odd) list.

--EDITED--Because I cannot bring myself to think of a star as a bad thing, I have decided to treat each half star as a number, starting at -5 and ending at 5 and skipping the zero since there is no middle ground (unless you do not vote/rate it),  (I have been giving anime reviews with the thought that even 1 star was good, and an increased quantity meant that it was just that better)--END-EDIT-- Typing After Edit (the fun I'm having)

Anime recommendations:

1. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu; Seto no Hanayome; Clannad; Air; Kannon;

2. Shakugan no Shana; School Rumble; Toradora; etc

3. Special A;

Anime (download) Site Recommendations: (former, now "automagically" redirects you to the new domain <>)

Anime Subs Recommendations (site listed):



My anime list constantly changes (Rankings and Recommendations) due to the fact that...

1. At the end of each anime, all I can usually think about is... that anime, the ranking in such case goes down as time passes and I forget about it.

2. My taste in anime change constantly, I may go from slice of life to sci-fiction to fantacy to hatg and my spell checker tisnt working...

3. As time passes I am exposed to better and better anime, I liked bleach as much as I now like Toradora. (I don't think bleach is bad now but it has continued to long and now I'm bored with it(And I have the plot memorized.New characters introduced, someone kidnapped, Ichigo goes to save them, Ichigo gets beat up, He gains a new power, Ichigo saves her) ))

Also Note that my use of etc is still often improper but no longer funny. It was being used as a place holder until I completed my list, But i gave up on that and removed them.

My Current Task:

Creating a Shakugan no Shana theme (or Shana theme for short) for my Ubuntu Linux Machines (Gentoo, Debian, etc.). I am now also working on a Nogizaka theme, and a Hanayome theme. (I am thinking about or planing to do a Lucky Star theme, Toradora Theme, Nichijou theme, and a Haruhi theme.)

GUID:  ✓=Completed; O= Working on/Ongoing; ✗=To be Started

:Project activity (Shana): O

-Get High Resolution images: ✓

-Set Background: ✓

-Set Login Screen's Background: ✓

-Get Drama : ✓

-Set background music (The sounds you here when you login or out, an error occures, something succeed, message received, etc): ✓

-Create Sound Theme(It needs expanding but the basics and what I want are completed): ✓

-Prepare a Background Slide Show: ✓

-Set Slide Show: ✓

-Prepare background Music files: ✓

-Set background Music file: ✓

-Sync Music with Slideshow: ✗ (Would be easy to do now that I am more experienced with Linux, But all my previous work is now stored on an external hard drive that was (apparently) encrypted by the mini motherboard in it... I copied all contents in an archive on my main drive and was going to reformat my external but... I dont have anything to connect the external to , im out of sata ports and the sata to usb converters I have either only work on 2.5" notebook drives (I should have read the packaging before I bought it) or they encrypt the drive so even the partition table is unreadable... Now debating whether I should a.) buy a new sata to usb cable/power supply. (I think I should since it would be portable and I could use my drive custome made casing) b.) buy some PCI SATA ports, sata cables, and power suplies(Really tempting because I could hook up more than one external drive to my computer and posssible use them as a small raid(up to 8 sata drives with software raid) but portability is somewhat laking since I would have to take it out of my computer, and I would probably not be able t use this on many laptops even if it were a pci Express card (No helping out family for a small bit of extra cash, I myself however refuse to use laptops as they are unneccisarily small and compact, with little to no working room and expansion room, plus I just like the look of a desktop better.)). c.) Buy a usb keyboard.(I offer no explanation))

:Project activity (Nogizaka Haruka): O

-Get High Resolution images: ✓

-Create Background Image List: ✓

-Get OST: ✓

-Create background music list(Music that plays when certain image groups are being used as the background): ✓

-Create Sound Theme: O

-Prepare a Background Slide Show (Setting the order they should play in, creating image groups, etc): ✓

-Test Slide Show: ✗

-Prepare background Music files (Decide which image groups they go with, whether they play randomly or not, etc): O

-Set background Music file (Implement previous): ✗

-Sync Music with Slideshow (So when the background image changes to a Nogizaka Image, Nogizaka related Sound tracks start playing. When we are about to switch over to a Shana theme, Stop Playing Nogizaka Music (Option of waiting for it to finish or slowly fading out) and transition to Shana Music and Images.): ✗

If you read this far you must have been (and still be)extreamly bored, I have nothing left to say to you..... .

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