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Anime recommendations (likely out of date):

1. Ef: A tale of memories; Log Horizon; Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu;

2. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu; Seto no Hanayome; Clannad; Kannon;

2. Shakugan no Shana; School Rumble; Toradora;

3. Special A; Air;


My anime list constantly changes (Rankings and Recommendations) due to the fact that...

1. At the end of each anime, all I can usually think about is... that anime, the ranking in such case goes down as time passes and I forget about it.

2. My taste in anime change constantly, I may go from slice of life to sci-fiction to fantacy to hatg and my spell checker tisnt working...

3. As time passes I am exposed to better and better anime, I liked Toradora as much as I now like Ef: a tale of memories. (Toradora is still high up there)

My Current Task:

Creating a Shakugan no Shana theme (or Shana theme for short) for my Ubuntu Funtoo Linux Machines (Gentoo, Debian, etc.). I am now also working on a Nogizaka theme, and a Hanayome theme. (I am thinking about or planing to do a Lucky Star theme, Toradora Theme, Nichijou theme, and a Haruhi theme.)

GUID:  ✓=Completed; O= Working on/Ongoing; ✗=To be Started

:Project activity (Shana): O

-Get High Resolution images: ✓

-Set Background: ✓

-Set Login Screen's Background: ✓

-Get Drama : ✓

-Set background music (The sounds you here when you login or out, an error occures, something succeed, message received, etc): ✓

-Create Sound Theme(It needs expanding but the basics and what I want are completed): ✓

-Prepare a Background Slide Show: ✓

-Set Slide Show: ✓

-Prepare background Music files: ✓

-Set background Music file: ✓

-Sync Music with Slideshow: ✓

:Project activity (Nogizaka Haruka): O

-Get High Resolution images: ✓

-Create Background Image List: ✓

-Get OST: ✓

-Create background music list(Music that plays when certain image groups are being used as the background): ✓

-Create Sound Theme: O

-Prepare a Background Slide Show (Setting the order they should play in, creating image groups, etc): ✓

-Test Slide Show: ✗

-Prepare background Music files (Decide which image groups they go with, whether they play randomly or not, etc): O

-Set background Music file (Implement previous): ✗

-Sync Music with Slideshow (So when the background image changes to a Nogizaka Image, Nogizaka related Sound tracks start playing. When we are about to switch over to a Shana theme, Stop Playing Nogizaka Music (Option of waiting for it to finish or slowly fading out) and transition to Shana Music and Images.): ✗

If you read this far you must have been(and still be) extreamly bored, I have nothing left to say to you..... .

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