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About Me:

Hey i'm FinalTom, a collector of all things Final Fantasy and gamer who enjoys most genres especially RPG's :D

Favorite Movies:

Ghost In The Shell

This is what got my into anime, before this i had watched some DBZ and some other random stuff, but this blew my mind as a kid.

My Neighbor Totoro

In my opinion the greatest movie ever created, Studio Gbibli animation style <3

Favorite Animes Of All Time:

Cowboy Bebop

I think it’s time we blow this scene, get everybody and their stuff together… okay, 3, 2, 1, let’s jam.

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

One of the most intelligent animes ive ever watched, 

Favorite Animes of 2014 So Far:

Space Dandy

One of the most random animes ive ever watched.

Sword Art Online II

I like MMO's :D

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