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Galadriel avatar Galadriel


Mar 26, 2010

thnx for the comment x3 if you really liked it then try out Maria Holic, its pretty much the same, though with distinct plot details

i'm fond of shoujo-ai animes so if you like them, you can check some other reviews that i made (Maria-sama ga Miteru, Strawberry Panic, Simoun, Kannazuki no Miko, Blue Drop, Uta Kata, etc)

if you liked Otome for the gender-bender aspect then you should try out an old school anime named Ranma 1/2 this is one of the best gender-bender animes i happened to watch, Natsu no Arashi, Kasimasi Girl Meets Girl, Birdy the Mighty Decode or Cheeky Angel x3 hope this ones might help ya out

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