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Well... I'm a writer (fantasy), fencer, and (of course) I love anime. Sadly, I haven't watched as much anime as I would like. I'd love suggestions for new anime!

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wolfangel87 Jul 12, 2009

Fruits Basket is so good! Such a classic!!!!

Hope you are having a great birthday!

Neogen24 Jan 4, 2008

Hi. I saw that you watched the first and second seasons of Full Metal Panic! but not the third. I would definitely recommend you watch the third season as it wraps up the storyline and you still get the comedy as well. On a side note, your a fencer, that is really cool.

socr3g Nov 7, 2007

yeah, sure I'm up for chatting about anime n e time!! I actually don't really go on here alot, but I'm usually always on AIM if you're interested in talking to me there. x3daydreamer3x is my SN. Well ttyl

sothis Sep 10, 2007

Hi there! I see you were looking for more recommendations... beyond the AniRec, since you liked Fruits Basket, have you tried out Ouran? Seems to be a high choice for those who like FB. Anyways, I hope you come back sometime! I've added a lot of features in the last 1.5 months since you've visited, and have much more planned for the future. ^_^

~sothis, webmistress