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SatoshiJiro Oct 16, 2007

Thanks for the welcome!

I seriously had WAY too much time on my hands at the start of the year. Spent most of it, of course, watching anime. :) It's a hard addiction, but I'm getting through it steadily.

Kill Devil Hills, NC! Didn't know that place existed! XD

Well, I would finish up this comment, but my roommate is wanting to go out to eat and she won't quit bugging me. Feel free to check in occassionally and I suppose I'll also be seeing you on the forums!

Bai bai

XD <3


Alright..  You should definitely check out Eureka Seven!   It goes pretty good with some of your higher rated animes.  And if you love Naruto; you gotta check out Bleach, as well.  You have quite a few on your list that I haven't seen either.. Maybe I'll check some of them out later!  But for now.. back to Clannad! XD

Nukekubi Oct 8, 2007

First of all, why can't you write "both" in the spam filter.

Second... I've already forgotten what you wrote to me... ^_^;... sorry

I see you've seen more anime than me, but is there a reason that you don't take the time to rate them? or that you dont write why you like your top 5? Your bio peeks my interest, but there's not much else there. Remember, we all appreciate your oppinions.

I like the sig, in a DNAngel anime test I showed up as sexy dark... but how can my comp know if I look good or not. When I asked it, it bluescreened on me :'(

on a final note, Peace/doom/umbrella

see ya 'round

Uriel Oct 7, 2007

Little crazy but nice bio. You seem to be very lively. Good, very good, forums will soon drain you energy into huge AP cold energy silo. Muahaahahha.

Anyway, dont mind me, im just in strane mood had to work on sunday :-)

you are 37 or 25? In forums you are 25, photo gives this 25ish impresion but in profile you have 37 years.. so what is it?

PS I see you are watching WHR - i totally loved feel this series had.