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ItoshiiYoma May 13, 2008

oh yes...that nice heavy sound as a skull is smashed in?

i LUB u!!!! 

ItoshiiYoma May 5, 2008

lol yes! love ur bio!!!!

naruto and violence and blood!!!


Otaku108 Apr 21, 2008

lol... that bio slightly reminded me of Fight Club's I am Jack's *enter appropriate body part here with funny anecdote to go with it*

have fun and good luck beating the internet geeks of with a stick! 

nilerbaby1098 Jan 15, 2008

Hey, OMG loved your bio.

It sounds like we're very similar people....minus the fact I can't surf or play videogames (minus Wii Sports, Mario Tennis and Time Crisis) to save my life and I like sea food lol. Nice to see us sexy geeks representing btw lol. Anyways you sound really cool and I also do highly approve of your choices in anime. Many of your choices are ones I've either watched and have really enjoyed or ones I'm dying to see.

Anyways (lil' late I know) but Happy New Year!! Enjoy 2008 and make the most of it (that's what I'm planning on doing-I had sort of an anti social year last year....kind of a way of closing the chapter on my highschool life. Now that that's done I'm ready to let loose lol)


P.S. YES! someone else who hates phones.

Lolo Dec 30, 2007

Hello there it is I, the marvelous captain lolo stopping by to wish you a sappy new year!