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24 y/o College Student 『大学生』.

Major: Deutsch (German) 『ドイツ語』

Minor: 日本語 (Japanese)

I'm interested in Dialectology and Linguistic Evolution. Particularly in above mentioned languages (Bairisch German and Kansai-ben『大阪と京東』)

I've been studying German for about 3 years and Japanese for about 2. Once UNC Charlotte opens up the Japanese Major program I intend on enrolling as a double major. -nuff about school!

OL'SKOOL gamer: I love me some 8-bit Nintendo and am even known to update to Super Nintendo when I'm felling froggy.

I swear, when my mother popped me out of the womb, I had オタク scribbled on my forehead!

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The3DCreator Jan 31, 2010

And here is my sporadic update... you have to watch Durarara!! It's the show of the season already.

The3DCreator Apr 13, 2009

And the most promising show of this season is.......drum roll please...........Eden of the East!

By far the most spectaucular opening sequence I've ever seen, believable english speakers, the animation quality that Production IG is so well know for is top-rate even for them and the story seems to have great potential.

Also of note:

Basquash! - It may be nothing more than a nike commercial or it may be mindlessly enjoyable...not sure yet

Queen's Blade - Just to see how far they are willing to push the envelope ( exploding breasts :S )

Ristorante Paradiso - Looks to be good in that Nodame Cantabile way... I know how much you love that ;P

And yes Fatboy, K-ON! looks good too in the Clannad / Honey & Clover kind of way :)

Now who has cluttered up who's profile?!?!? Muahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!

Michiaki Nov 3, 2008

Claymore, Death Note and Ergo Proxy among some of your watched list. Good to see someone with great anime taste among us. Welcome to the Planet!