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Winter 2011 Impressions (Part 2)

29 JAN

Welcome. This is F.D. and as I promised, this is my second part of my Winter 2011 Impressions so if you like it, comment, make some motivational words for my blogs and do not flame me cuz as I said. this is my second attempt on blogging. So without further of do, LET'S START!!

Infinite Stratos

This anime reminds me of Gundam cuz this is basically meeting Gundam with girls. The main character, Ichika, who apparently is the only male IS operator, kind of weak in terms of how he fights, he always do mistakes however I would like to applaud to him for the braveness that he shown during Episode 4 which I think maybe like Banagher from Gundam Unicorn but not as Extreme as my favourite character from Gundam 00, Setsuna F.Seiei. The female main character, Houki, well let's just say she's annoying but still has the spirit. That Cecillia from Britain, she's well too much adore Ichika (eh....) and Fan from China, well she's too spirited for me.  The characterisation well maybe not that great, the soundtrack is alright but the action and fight scenes made me want to see more of this bcuz IT'S A FREAKING GUNDAM!!!!!! (Puns not intended)

Yumekui Merry

I'm quite surprised about this series bcuz at first, I think this series would just be another school anime that only focuses on an annoying guy and a girl relationship story. However, I got to say, despite maybe a bit uncomfortableness, I would like to praise the script-writer cuz all the characters in the story have their own meaning and the storyline just gets interesting every episode. The atmosphere of the dream world is also crafted well. So this series so far is descent.


Ok. I think this comic adaptation is going to be better than Iron Man (judging from what I heard, eventhough I have not watched the Iron Man anime). I mean the action scenes is superb, the characterisation of the story is alright, the music's awesome and I love how Wolverine (Logan) strength to still fight even if he's powerless (Episode 1 SPOILERS). I also love how the guitar played in the opening and the ending. TOP NOTCH!! Love also the samurai feel that continues the tradition of any other rendition of the Wolverine comic. I'm hoping that the main villain who is a psycho, should be paid really, really HARD!! (maybe in the last few episodes). I mean I hate that guy for the attitude.

Hourou Musuko

This anime is the hardest one to review bcuz this is my first ever attempt on watching an emotional slice-of-life school anime (K-On! that I finished watching the first season is like that but it's more comedy that revelations). However, I'm so far impressed on how the storyline like lined up even if the story involve transgendered characters. I love how the emotion kicks in during the first 2 episodes and understand what school life could be if you are in the situation that I said. So far, this anime should be hopefully balance out the contents for the next few episodes so that it will have a meaning in storyline wise.

Overall, the Winter 2011 anime season does deliver good results although some people might not be comfortable about the cliche that is 80% of the animes premiered are school anime and some of which contains a bit ecchi. I mean, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is an example of how a mahou shoujo anime should be innovated into new heights and Level E has a top class comedy that I laughed CRAZY till the last drop. Seriously, I'm quite enjoyed on how this anime season shaped up in the next few weeks, considering my focus is going to be the Spring 2011 season with another possible candidate for Anime of the Year 2011 and maybe throw in some surpises along the way. So that's all for today. Let me hear your opinions about Winter 2011 anime season and who knows maybe can add friends along the way. So until next time. This is F.D. signing out.

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