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I'm just a small town guy. There isn't really much about me, I'm in high school, and am going to go to college for Network Administration. I've lived in Ohio my whole life, yes, a bummer. I am also moving to Japan for a couple months come this June. (^_^)b So, anything else you want to know just ask.

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Nyu Apr 18, 2008

thats so amazing that youre moving to Japan! I really want to go there. what part are you going to??

wolfangel87 Dec 3, 2007

Understandable, have you ever been out of the country before?

wolfangel87 Dec 2, 2007

Wow!  You are going to Japan in june!!!!!  I really want to go there someday, I hope you have fun!  That sounds so exciting!

sothis Nov 8, 2007

No i mean, which location were you trying to change the status in? Was it the alphabetical list of the anirec OR your anime list? ^_^ That will help me figure out where the problem is.

sothis Nov 8, 2007

Did you try to do this in your anime list ("my anime" on the left) or in the alphabetical list of the anirec? Unmarking can't happen anywhere, the only thing that can happen is clicking the red "x" image in my anime...