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what you're about to read is a massive rant from me...

this series has more fanservice, groping, lesbian action and nudity than any harem animes that I can think of and seen, at several points during the viewings I considered either dropping it or seriously clawing my eyes out if I had to watch any more of this gropefest and at episode 10 a female character whose boobs probably weigh more than her entire body, 1 or 2 episodes of groping and fanservice is fine but almost the entire 12 episode span and appearing on average every 5 minutes (I'm being generous with the time)!??! IS THIS A F***ING JOKE???


very thin, practically nonexistant, used as a cheap excuse for the near endless fanservice and whatnot

Final Verdict

BOOBS!!! BOOBS EVERYWHERE!!! BOOBS AND GROPING EVERYWHERE!!! EPIC GROPEFEST!!! unless you like watching the aforementioned stuff every 5 minutes don't watch this AT ALL, I regret watching this big time. If it weren't for the site's designers to force me to add a review value greater than zero, I would rate this so low that it'll be a badge of honor to have it...

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