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i like wotsits..

and anime <3

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therik says...

Hey there,

Thanks for the comment on my review, and I'm glad you liked it :). I would say that Shugo Chara! is a teensy bit childish, but it's not embarassingly childish like Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokémon, say. It's certainly worth a try, especially if you were thinking about watching some mahou shoujo. Hope you enjoy it anyway ^_^.



Jul 2, 2009
Mekiah says...

Just watched Kyou Chapter. It was greeeaaat~ :D

Jul 2, 2009
Mekiah says...

Yes, it was awesome and cute *_*. Kyou and Tomoyo are my favorites so it's pretty awesome ^_^.

Jul 2, 2009
CloudyBritannia says...

Nice to know.xD *Kicks Lelouch out of the way so he can get to C.C.*D=

Jul 1, 2009
CloudyBritannia says...

No problem. Lelouch is like, the most epic anime character ever.=D *Points to username*D=

Jul 1, 2009