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i like wotsits..

and anime <3

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What?! No anime ratings?

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What?! No manga ratings?

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I adore these characters


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Kagutsuchi Jan 17, 2010

Hi Eug. :)

I just saw you put "Highschool of the Dead" on want to read. Expect plenty of zombies, blood and ecchi. It's currently still on its "6 month" hiatus and updates irregularly. :) I'm up to date with it though so feel free to chat with me about it.

Galadriel Dec 29, 2009

i would have loved to give you some good recommendations but since you didnt rate the animes you have watched or you currently watch and you did not make a top 10-20 favourite animes is kinda hard for me to recommend (try to edit your profile and list your favourite and least favourite genres) x3

however i saw that you have watched Voices of a Distant Star, and if you liked it you might as well like The Place Promised in Our Early Days and 5 Centimeters per Second which are works by the same author that created Voices of the Distant Star

the animes that i recommend to everyone to watch because they are really kick ass are Kara no Kyoukai, Mnemosyne, The Third and Noir (and also the movies that i mentioned above, those are masterpieces in terms of animation and story even sound and characters)

Galadriel Dec 25, 2009

heeh from the msg you seem to like Aki Sora x3 i've been reading the manga and also seen the short OVA, i still dun know what to think about it lol hentai or mature, i think this anime really crosses the border between hardcore ecchiness and hentai

anyway im glad that my profile is useful x3 i listed there many animes from a huge variety of genres, on everybodys tastes (except yaoi shit), also i made some reviews regarding different animes that i seen, you can check them maybe they are useful

If you need more recommendations (which i kinda doubt :D) you can always ask me im hanging around here almost everyday, updating stuff, recommending animes and sometimez, when i feel like, making reviews.

~Cya Around~

Mekiah Nov 8, 2009

Thanks a bunch xP

Your sig is still funny xD.

skipp Oct 12, 2009

If you're talking about that part of deathnote then yes I have just gone past it...and I agree it was epic... =O  but the shock!!! The second most epic anime moment ever may have been the scene with the crisps... =) lol