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hmm... let me see.... i have been exposed to anime at a young age. i started watching full series after one of my best friends introduced Bleach to me... then i became a freak xD not much to say about me. i do things other than watching anime ( reading, sports, music, yaddy yada yada)

as for music, i LUUVVVVVV KOREAN MUSIC!!!!! especially shinee, big bang, and suju (super junior) i was introduced to it by my friend recently and now i'm obsessed. i prefer not to hear rapping.... (some are okay, but some are [ your choice of swear word here] this and [ your choice of swear word here] that) -_- gets annoying if you know what i mean. if you know any good songs, feel free to share!

books.... hmm any genre.. doesn't matter as long as its interesting

sports.... anything but basketball... i always manage to hurt myself xD

hehehe then finally anime!! i like any types of genre though i prefer sci-fi and fantasy over slice of life (or whatever you may call it) not a big fan there. if any good anime comes up, don't be afraid to leave a comment! ^.^ i don't bite... except my dentist, i bite her.xD

mwahahaha i finally completed a full bio!!!!

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Yoshia Jul 22, 2008

Is cheese or Chocolate from sweden? =O I didn't knew that! xD And fun with someone who like sweden! I only like it because I was born here and because it's cold xD I don't like too hot weather O.o Where are you from? =3

xRandomosityx Jul 18, 2008

Hey! i also saw your question and just thought i'd say that there is nudity but not in a pervy way. It is really gory but if you think you can handle limbs being ripped off then watch it! it is good! By the way i love your top five! D.Gray-man is my new obsession! I have bought the first 7 mangas all in the last 3 days! 

tenoclubs Jul 17, 2008

 I saw your question about Elfin Lied to Sothis and thought I might give you my take on it.  Its one of the most gory and bloody anime i've seen, and it doesnt spare any small details in those scenes.  There is some nudity but nothing explicit.  Overall i thought it was worth watching, the story is pretty unique.. Might as well give it a go if it sounds like you might enjoy it.